Appendix B: The Provinces

Emilie Finn

A brief sketch of the founding of Lauralia and the history of the different provinces thereof.

The Academy: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion of Karen, Veronica, Lori, and Harry's eventful final year at the Academy.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Three

Pete Anderson

In the aftermath of the previous day's massacre the Nordya must deal with an increasingly hostile and paranoid Li Ni'ya. It seems that the Moon and Sun have abandoned both sides, and a major theme opens...

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Five

Pete Anderson

The fourth dawn is here in all its crimson glory.

Dragonsong - Chapter 2

Jay Morris

Chapter 2 of the 'Dragonsong' epic poem. The plot thickens... o.O

Godstone -- Ch. 1

Kathrine Keathley

This is the sequel to The DreamSeer, so I really shouldn't be posting it just yet. If you've seen the picture of the 'Forlorn Bride' in my Elfwood Art gallery, her story is part of this. Anyway, I think this is all I'm going to post of Godstone for now, lest I give anything away in The DreamSeer.

Miriam's Journey pt. 1

Erin Ramos

Miriam is transported to a different world because of her brother's obsession with magic and power. Thanks to Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith, and Bliss for their wonderful editing.:)

Elven Rogue - Chapter One

Kevin Morris

Elven Rogue would be the tentative (and not very good, I think) title of my novel, and this would be the first chapter, which is actually the beginning of the first 'Book' which is entitled 'The Prince's Secret.' The first book is composed of the first eight chapters of the entire work.

Elven Rogue - Chapter Three

Kevin Morris

And, this would be the last of the chapters I have written, currently. Actually, that's not really true, many of the others have been written at one time or another...but got scrapped in the process of revisions. This is the one where the very beginninings of my plot start to unfold. Enjoy!

The Regent of Souls p5

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 8: Intrigue and the plot thickens (if you will pardon my cliche!) attempts are made on several lives and succeeds at least once. who will it be?

A Night of Blood

A.R. George

Schiri continues to be a less-than-welcome member of the happy Palantasa family, and his own problems take a new turn ...

Dusk Of Innocence: Chapter 9

Danielle Reynolds

Troubled times have beset the land of Crolis. Undead, monsters, demon, and barbaric raiders have upset the normally peaceful land. Three adventurers brought together by chance now search for the source of the trouble. As our heroes make their way to Argenault, they making some shocking discoveries about the state of the Crolis, as well as one of their own. Warning: This chapter contains some content of a mature nature and may be considered pg-13. Note: All spells are untranslatable. Any 'foreign” languages used will be translated by footnote in the text.

Reflections of Eternity

Ingrid Atkinson

Thoughts and dreams and reality are all muddled for a student at a private school one night. One of the stories in the Children section of The Perfect Gamble.

Love Me Forever Pt. 2

Michelle Schad

After much thought I have decided to re-write this for all of you that were kind enough to comment. There was confussion as to the reasoning behind some actions and, quite honestly, I was not completely pleased with the results. So, for you wonderful commentors, the second installment of 'Love Me Forever'! I hope this clears up some stuff for you.

The Raven and the Rose - Prologue

Donna Scudder

The world has changed, becoming a dangerous place. A young archamge has yet to learn just how true this statement is. When she accepts a quest to recover a noblewoman stolen from her home in the middle of the night, she had no idea she would become caught up in struggle that could lead to the destruction of the world. This is the intro to the novel, the only thing that appears near the way ti was initially written.

Visitors from Hell

Jessie Fairbrother - Lambert

This is another story inspired by the world of Mordavia, and a sequel to 'An audience with the Baroness'. The land of Dareen that Gethsemane inhabits and her husband Eric von Braun both belong to my friend, Alan Grant, and are used with permission.

The One That Was Promised: Chapter 1

Alissa Feller

A noble girl unhappy with her life...can she escape from her destiny? Okay, here's chapter one. Once again, very rough. Just so you know, the setting and character jump is intentional. It will make more sense as I get more of this up.

Elven Rogue - Chapter Two

Kevin Morris

Here's chapter two of Elven Rogue. Read, enjoy, comment... ^_^

Return of the Raven Chapter Two (Caged Bird)

Ariel Lewis

Neidre Anori, princess of a mighty realm, comes into play here. She struggles with politics and decorum admidst longings of being a 'regular girl'. An evening ball, however, opens her eyes to new dangers that are ever present, even within the once thought safe walls of her palace.

Children of the Storm: Prologue

Cornell Johnson

This sets the stage for the rest of the story I'm working on and introduces the main character.