Chris Brant

This story is my attempt to begin something that doesn't really have a beginning or end, which starts somewhere and ends somewhere, but doesn't really flow in a straight line. Last updated on December 1st, 2002.

the tree

Brandy Lawrence

just a little story/poem like thing i did when i got bored

Null and Void Tavern

Joshua Price

Wrote this bizarre story on 3/17/07. Coincidentally, thats exactly a month after The Ridiculous Battle of Justice. Anyways, this is the fifth and final story for my creative writing class. After this was poetry only. Don't worry, I'll spare you from it. I don't want to be responsible for ruining keyboards due to people's eyes bleeding. Normally I can explain every single little detail and piece of lore in my stories (though I might have a bit of trouble with those with outdated lore). So, I decided to write something I couldn't quite explain. For starters, I have no clue why I used first person instead of third, ended it as I did, or why anything is in there to begin with. On the bright side, things in it do make at least a little bit of sense, mainly since the internet community this is based on did exist at one point. Therefore, I hate to say it, but this story might just leave you confused. Arguably, that apparently was one of my goals. Though keep in mind I intentionally mess with grammar and prefixes, such as using the word 'inconvinced'. Update: 5/6/07 Since revising apparently was mandatory in my writing class, this has been revised somewhat. Mostly corrections and the like, a few new lines and interesting bits here and there. Also, some people told me they felt that they felt like the narrator disliked them. I tried to fix that too. In memory of that which never existed. Alas for that...which never was.