Dragons and Orbs ~ Chapter one

Joe Thorn

dragon orbs magic game water life earth wind

The Ice Dragons

Kat Clements

When the spring thaw comes early with the scent of wizards, the young dragon Ice-Eyes must ally with a half-elf to save the Ice Dragons from destruction...

The Most Normal Dwarf

S. Gyory

Umm... This is just something I came up with in response to my own question, 'Why can't stories be about normal people?' It kind of ran away from its muzzle long ago....

Dreamscapes -Avynn's Story

Yelitza VĂ©lez

What can I say about this story? It is the first in the 'Dreamscapes' series, my modern fantasy series formerly known as Terra (don't worry, the planet is still called Terra). This takes place in a not so distant future. Avynn has 'special' abilities that set her apart from the rest. This is, up to this date, my favorite story out of the entire series.