Prophecies of the Volva

Chris Thorndycroft

A retelling of the fabled meeting between the chief God Odin and the wise Prophetess who predicts the end of the world. Based on 'Völuspá' a poem in the Poetic Edda.


Eric Liao

I came up with a really cool idea and wanted to write a poem about it, but I didn't quite do it justice. I'm thinking of redoing this poem, but here's what I had. I really didn't expect it to be this long or steeped in Norse mythology. I've been trying to do some more rhyming, but I really don't like this abab rhyme scheme. If I have time, I think I'd write it in an off-rhyme scheme, like some parts of Rise and Fall, which is probably one of my only poems I'm actually satisfied with. Ok, stuff about the poem now. It's about the world being a paradise and us coming with our technology and screwing it up (again! seems like a common theme for me) but this time with a Norse mythology slant.

Recall of the valkyrie

Kate Inquisition

This poem is a dialogue between Odin, commander of the Valkyries, and Brynhild, a Valkyrie who rebelled against him for her brother in Valhalla. Brynhild stands up to Odin, telling him that fears her. As penance, we condemn her to remain on a hilltop until a mortal should come and claim her. After a while his heart softens, realizing she was the only Valkyrie who was his equal in battle and places a ring of fire around her, so that only the bravest mortal can claim her. (5-15-03)

A Call for Valhalla

Friðrik Jónsson

A poem - dedicated to my viking ancestry and the old ways. A warriors call for a glorious death, and a secure place in Valhalla.


Alyssa Blair

Its a kinda strange's my short story for school so there's not fighting...its just about this girl who guards this giant Norse tree thing that supposedly holds the whole Norse world. . . I shoulda put the wolf in it but instead there's a big pretty bird... (p.s-I spelled the name wrong too..) And beware the somewhat sappy ending...its the best way to rope teachers

The Price of Runeknowledge

Raymond Myers (Mike)

This poem was inspired by the Havemal, a story from the Poetic Edda dipicting how Odin obtained runeknowledge and the runes. If you are totally unfamiliar with Norse Mythology it probably won't make much sense to you.

Aiden's Saga

Raymond Myers (Mike)

This is the story of a young viking on his first foreign raid. This is the first in a series of short stories I am writing about this character.

Roneth's Saga

Sàm Crossley

Part one of three parts; he is an artist, a poet commissioned to write the deeds of Viking king, Bjorn's son Thorhalvi and ends up with more than he ever expected

Hanetsuno: Episode I

Cyllya Chandler

Immediately after having their lives ripped apart, two young people have a mission thrust upon them. What makes it worse: They need each other to fulfill it.

Song of Ygdrassil

Caitlin Davis

I swear it took me so long to get this formated anywhere near what I wanted, so I'm hoping this works. The refrences in this poem apply to Norse myth. The dragon mentioned in Nidhogger. I adore the mythology and I have had this little thing stuck in a folder for a long time. I hope to use in the future for a story that has been buzzing in my head about an otherworldly band named Fenrir. I would appreciate it if you could tell me if this would work for a song.

The Ragnarok Cycle -- Part I

Gregory Rabbitt

Back in late 2002 I had the idea of writing a series of short stories based on the Norse myth of Ragnarok, the 'Twilight of the Gods.' This was the initial story I made up, and I actually haven't gone back to write more in the series. It's still on one of my to-do lists.

Dark Clouds

Andy LeFevour

This is a story all about Thor from Norse myth. It's long! If you like mythology, dig in. If you are unfamiliar, then maybe i can get you hooked.

Thor, Father and Husband... OF THUNDER!!!... *ahem* (Part 1)

Michael Eaton Jr.

Part one of a story I've written about Thor and the gang. I hate typing, or I'd convert the rest, but it'll be up later.

An Ode to the Gods

Katherine Manning

I went through a period of time when I was absolutely infatuated with Norse and Greek mythology. I still am.

Rain - Prologue

Kazul Wolf

 In a dying world, who can you trust with your life?  The world has come to an end, few survivors inhabiting the earth as the Dha -- the monsters that infest the land -- continuously pick off the already small population. Kawelu is one of the lucky ones; she's finally found a tribe to accept and protect her. But what happens when someone enters the tribe that threatens the well-being of its people, but she's put in charge of his life?

Loki (character study)

Josephine DeSanto

A day in the life of Loki, norse god of fire and chaos.

Sailing to Valhalla

Frederic Vinhage

This is a rough draft poem about well valhalla, at least my view of the old norse turned dwarf concept.

In the Mind of One

Pete Anderson

I have decided to stick in my genre, my Lyrical Poetry, as much as possible from now on (though I still plan on publishing a bit of my attempt at a sequel to my epic in prose form when it is ready, go figure). I wrote this at the beginning of March 2004, finishing it on the 3rd when I typed it and sent it out to a few friends to sound it. The story speaks for itself, that is my philosophy being spoken. It is also in touch with my 'normal people' perspective that I always take. So here is the tale of a wanderer and the man who takes her in...

Twilight of the Gods

Aaron Tokay

I love Norse mythology! I mean REALLY love it! I was always bothered that my school drowned me in the regular Greek, Roman and Egyptian bores (they are great in their own rights, just pathetic in the wake of the myths of the Northern conquerers). I have never studied Norse Mythology properly, but I have read a lot here and there for fun, and I thought it was about time I wrote something in tribute to those the vikings worshipped and honoured. This particular piece is an account of the Ragnarok, the viking equivalent of the Apcolypse... and WHAT an Apocolypse!! Those Norsemen knew how to create a saga :) I took a few liberties here and there (for eg. I never read anywhere if Fenrir is as large as a longboat, but I just figured the gods would not fear something that appeared the size of a normal wold no matter how powerful he was!), but overall, I tried to keep as accurate as I could to what I have learned. I also know that Ragnarok was decided not to mean 'Twilight of the Gods' so much as it means 'Diminishment of the Powers' or something, but I cannae help myself... the 'Twilight' translation has become a myth all of its own. That said, enjoy! :)

Chapter Two - Missing

Jason Bates

Isaac is having some nightmares so he tries to find their origin