The Ashen Cross

Angela Sasser

Nynia, a young Celtic maiden, walks a world of madness, between the Christian and the Pagan. Between those worlds she finds..the Vampire. If the story sketch is popular enough, I'll turn write a novel version! So get your comments in now!

From The Darkness

A.k. Solanke

I wrote this piece before I wrote my other story 'Stalked' trying to get a feel for possible thoughts/motivations of my vampire character. I sometimes do little vignettes like this to get a feel for things.

The Dark Kiss

Angela Sasser

Nelina Baptista, a descendent of a Gypsy family, finds herself in America. A new life awaits her there...and a horror beyond anything...this is my first vampire story~ tell me if you like^_^

A Vampiric Lesson - Chapter One

Brittany McDonnell

The introduction about the young vampire slayers life and how she came to become a hunter. It also explains her first incounter with the vampiric kind.

Garden of Frozen Shadows

Chris Reddings

This is an odd little piece.. written on the random inspiration of a female statue that looked truly terrified as this overgrown hedge reached out for her. I hoped this would become a lot bigger, but.. unfortunately, I lost the thread.

Child of the Night

Natalie Paquette

This is just a poetic version of what an elder vampire might tell its fledgeling. *shrug* It's a few years old - four, at least. ^-^ But I'm still fond of it.


Chandra Dickinson

Yes, it is a very imaginative title isn't it? lol Just a poem written from what I imagine a vampire's point-of-view to be.

Nosferatu's Awakening - Chapter One

Brittany McDonnell

A modern vampire unlocks the spell to unbinding an acient nosferatu, and then is faced with the task of introducing him into the modern world while keeping the slayers at bay.

Confessions of A Vampire - Poem

Raven Lilly

A priest sits waiting to hear confessions. In swaggers a well spoken well dressed young gentleman. What are his sins? This is written in such a way that it is supposed to replicate the ‘’olde worlde’’ type language, I doubt the words or terms used are accurate, but I hope it gives a feeling of the time I set the poem.

Unwanting of Darkness

Natalie Paquette

.. very, very old (at least 5 years) little snippet of nothing relating to vampires. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and it doesn't quite develop into a story, but just remains as a ... short, moving image that I feel compelled to describe with words. Sometimes, vignettes can be more compelling and poignant than full stories.