Creation Myth

Ashley Brodie

Just a random thing that came to me whilst I was writing my Celtic myth, despite that the only way they connect is that they're myths!

Over the Painbow

David Anderson

what can be said about this atrocity? not alot...

Dream Escape

Sarah Wilson

This is the first chapter, theres no name to each chapter ...sorry -Mouse


Valerie Lamb

This is another one of my ebil little psychological horror things I keep coming up with at three in the morning. And no, the ending is not supposed to make sense. It was three in the morning, darnit!


Monica Stich

A poem of feelings


Jirah Reckinger

short thing.

The Wish

Sloan Girl' Moore

My teacher Jeff went around the class one day asking us all if we had one wish what would it be. Well when he got to me i gave a smart butt answer and said 'Nothing!' When he was finished he said 'Ok now I want you to write a story about your wish and add a twist at the end!' And this is the story! Enjoy!

Hurt (poem)

Kasi Smart clue. don't ask i can't tell.


Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

dedicated to all those who just want some peace in their lives

Shadows in the Dusk

Caitlin Veit

A poem about the change from human to shadow, from one realm to another.


Carrie no.

i just wrote this.

The Poems Of Which No Sense Can Be Made

Rosie a.k.a female fred

Umm.. yeah. This is a collection of poems from a very very very very very long time ago. Some of them I wrote when I was 12. Most of them aren't very good. Because the titles and poems got all messed up the titles are: Lion Song, Magical Things Are Afoot, A warning to all those that go on my site, The carrot song, how to dance with an african buffalo and the problem with poetry. This probably shouldn't be up here and I'm not sure why it hasn't been taken down..

Every Thing, Yet of Nothing at All

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

oh my! I can't believe this! I wrote another storem/!?!?!?! I thought after Of Unseen Things, I would be done...I dunno waht happened. It was a wednsday and I was feeling reall really pooy and lazy. To a point where I didn't even brush my hair all day and didn't want to do anything. And then as I was sittin at the comp I just started writing...and this is what came out, but I must say; it did the trick. I was totally peppy and hyper after I got done. Its like when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but you don't, but when you do. It's such a relief! I tried to make it a little different from my other poerys/storems. But tis not that much different. But one major difference, is that I took out the couple word phrases from between each paragraph and also....well you'll find out ^_^

A Story *how original*

Kalee Eder

Guy talks to his pen, Ink. Nermal makes a guest appearance.

you ruin the symmetry of my endless expanse

Carrie no.

yet another... sigh. im just so depressing, aint i? dont worry i dont have angst, or nor do i suffer from depression. hehehe. this one has a twist in it, oooo be prepared! kikiki, yes its all depressing, but dont worry, it gets better! yay! now read the poem.

Avine Poem Part 1

Caitlin Veit

The first poem about the land Avine and the recollection of what happened for the first season of the story.


Mai Zhang

Just a little darkness. Why it is seldom a blessing to be loved by the gods (and goddesses).


Tina Stearns

Did you ever here the phrase: you must have eyes in the back of your head? Might come in handy here. Be careful where you walk late at night...

Ode to Status Quo

David Anderson

sometimes I get sick of sudden changes disrupting my happy little world.

nothing in return

Richard 'WolvenBlood' O'Keeffe

No the lack of capitals is not a typo, that's how I planned it. If I remember the context of this poem I'll tell you.