Dragon of the Infinity 07

Chris Martens

Dragon of the Infinity 05

Chris Martens

The Orcish Threat-Episode 3

Gil Shimoni

Another episode here. If you read the last ones and the prolog you should be quit into it by now.I'll try to make my following episodes longer, but i just wanted to get started, so I copied the episodes as fast as i could, and even divided one chapter into two parts.Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

The Orcish Threat-Episode 9

Gil Shimoni

9th chapter... For those interested, no, Ag'Kathar isn't hardly dead yet, even though it may seem so.

The Orcish Threat-prolog

Gil Shimoni

this is a very short prolog, opening the story that is actually a sequal to another story...questions are understandable and welcome...

A Dragon's Story, Chapter 3

Alon Rand

Okay, this is Chapter 3, in its entirety. Its been a good while since I put up anything for this, and my writing has been extremely sporadic for the last several months, so I thought it fair to give everyone that's been clamoring for more everything I've got up to this point. Please don't yell at me if I don't post more for a while. My life has gotten much busier than it was when I started this, and it has been put very far back on the stove.

Chapter One

Sarah Allinger

Only a few more pages left to write of this one, then on to Chaper Two. I be a little stuck though. Actually, I'm just having a hard time sticking to this bit and not working on everything else instead.

The Traveler: Light's First Triumph

Sarah Eckstein

'My only real fault was a desire for adventure. ...I'm sorry to say that wish came true...' Her family was murdered. She was chased from her home. As a new soldier in the military she was abused and dispised by the superiors she planned to betray. She forced herself to endure four years under The Council's ranks in hopes of destroying thier tyrannical rule for good. ...She failed. In trying she destroyed any chance of creating a future for herself she had had. But out of the ashes, she became something more... A guardian of the Oracle and a Knight of the Light, by some whim of fate Sarah Summers has suddenly been charged with protecting billions of worlds from a monster and saving what little hope is still left. Her first assignment: stop a century-old war before Chaos can completely erupt. ...Yeah, piece of cake.

The Guardians: Prologue

Joshua Young

Ok, this is obviously the Prologue for something... in this case, my fantasy novel. Hopefully, this is self-explanatory enough that I don't have to explain anything... Except... the good guys don't use magic in this world. Ever.

My Name is Xemby

Kimberly Loo

The highly amusing rant of a forgotten character, trapped in her novel world.

Chapter 2 of Novel

Mark Kramarzewski

I've changed a bit and uploaded it, so tell me if you like the changes, or if you haven't read it before (or can't remember) tell me what you like or don't like about it. Please

Nightstalkers 61-70

CHAN Chih Lancelot

my project of story and music

Nightstalkers Music Synopsis

CHAN Chih Lancelot

It's about the music of the series.

Nightstalkers 21-30

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, the story of my life.

Arthallin Majeste - Part 6

Jason Romein

The sixth installment has finally arrived! The last section of this for some reason was incredibly difficult to write, and it feels a little bit lame at the moment, but now I can move on with the story. Note that this is by far the longest section released thus far!

Shapeshifters - 4

Ben Brannan

The fourth chapter in my story. When we left off, Blade and Esani had been captured by some unknown being and left to rot in a jail cell. How will they get out... ? 2,826 words, 5 pages.

The Blood Drinkers

Lisa Sanders

This is my first (and likely only) horror piece. It was written for a fictional world I have been creating. Because of that, some of the culture referred to in the story isn't explained as it is supposed to be a 'novel' within the world itself. Information about the world can be found on my website under the Eternity link. I am curious to hear people's reactions and thoughts to the ending. So please comment.

Adontis- chapter2

Cameron Brandsberg

Um second chapter, as you would expect. Not sure I like this, but I'm working it out, please give my comments and suggestions.

Breakaway - Chapter 2

Michael Bradley-Robbins

Chapter 2 of Breakaway About Breakaway: I began this story after drawing the Hra'vakh Chieftain (see my SF&F gallery). At first it was just this little thing I was doing to pass time. But it evolved into a monster. I started the draft in May and finished it the first weekend in August. It was mid-August before I made final revisions and did my read-through, but I'm happy with the way it came out. It's about a chieftain (Chf'drak) that must cope with his father's assassination, his corrupt brother's rise to power, and, well, you'll have to read the rest of the story to find out.

Light of Snow

Megan Mcbride

It's National Write A Novel Month. (NaNoWriMo). The goal is to write a 50,000 novel by midnight, Nov. 30th. This is the story I've got so far - I'm almost through with chapter one. It's currently 6,853 words. I try to update the story daily, and the daily-update story is located at www.geocities.com/krash_kittyn/lightofsnow.html'. When I'm done with the story, I'll upload all of the chapters to Elfwood, if I can. For now, you can have this. ^_^