Beyond Ragnarok (P3)

Daniel Lix

Yet a further continuation in the crusade of the gunfighter, Drake. He'd met up with Sten Ivories, a mercenary like himself, and asked for assistance. Now they must do battle with soldiers of unknown origin and influence.

The Sun Still Shone

Michelle Hart

This story actually made it into my school magazine. I thought of the last paragraph first, and then wrote the story around it.

Changed Ones- Prologue

Stephanie Maynard

Yes I am aware that this is horribly like X-Men, but that was not my intent. Actully come to think of it, I'm not even sure what my intent was. Let me think on it ::6 hours later:: Nope, still not sure where it came from. This is my first attempt at Urban Fantasy; tips and pointers are greatly appreticated. ;)

Ashes, Shadows, and Dust

Garon Whited

Going sideways in Time can be hard on a person.

Shattered Earth: Korell (Part 1)

Andrew Meilstrup

The the first installment to the epic of Shattered Earth. A sovereign people's struggle against a tyrannical, imperialist power.

Days of Darkness Part B

Janice Holitzki

Part 2 of the eciting story featuring Mikhail and crew. Stay tooned next week for the exciting conclusion. The story's are lables A, B, C ect. so that there in order on the scoll.

One Red Balloon

Zoe Eddy

You lose everything... but there is still something to hold on to.

The Angelmaker and the False Sky

Emmeline Wen Li

Distopia in Rhenn, a city under a false sky. My very first real original fic. Might be the beginning of a series--I don't know . . . There's a longer story behind this somewhere.

Beyond Ragnarok (P2)

Daniel Lix

Drake, a gunfighter in a post nuclear world, has accepted a mission to locate a farmer named Richard Hill, who'd been abducted by one of the local crime families living in New York. In times of trouble, we turn to our friends. Drake's no exception.

Ellen and Brian

Aaron Kuhn

This is a story that I wrote while eating macaroni and cheese.

Days of Darkness Part C

Janice Holitzki

The breathtaking and aweinspiring conclusion to Days of Darkness. Ohh... Ahhh... Wow... Please leave comments. Please?

Revolutions: Preface and Chapter 1

Michael Fertoli

This is a science fiction story that I began writing. It's set in post-apocolyptic North America right now. I'm not too sure where I was going with it, since Sci-fi was never my strongest genre. Oh well.

Genesis Vault: at Center City

Ashley Wynn

Weapons of Mass Destruction have reduced the world as we know it to a barren wasteland. America's largest cities stand empty, except for the long-rotted corpses of the citizens that died there, infected by genetically altered plague strains. Other cities were ground zero for nuclear warheads. Domesticated animal populations were also wiped out; others became wild or feral. Always, there are survivors. Nearly a generation and a half after the Apocalypse, life in the US has degerated to a new weird and wild western world. Influenced by the many post-apocalyptic, speculative fiction, and alternative history stories I've picked up and read over the years. From Audolus Huxley and Stephen Vincent Benet to William Gibson and Stephen King. Also some Bret Harte, Louis L'Amor, and the Deadlands collectible card game. And of course the ever-popular Fallout series. This intro probably doesn't make sense to anyone other than myself. I am basing my NaNoWriMo novel on this story.


Vicky Barrett

It's the beginning of a tale, I may nt write any more, I will but I may not upload it *grins* Enjoy if you will

The Community, pt 1: 2008-2035

KP Jess

The history of the world leading up to the setting of my novel. This would be the Prologue, or even used as a summary for a prequel. I hope everybody reads this first.

The Community, pt 2: 2035-2045

KP Jess

'35 to '45. The End Of The World. The second part of the prologue to my novel, The Community.

Heaven And Hell

Carolin 'Dragoncat' Southern

Here is an opening, I want you to tell me what ought happen next. The best suggestion will get it written. The main character is a halfdemon, with a human form, who has run away from Hell because has worked out that the torturing of souls and bringing of evil is not what he wants to do with eternity. He is a demon who wants to be saved.

The Future Is Coming: Pt 1

Thomas Chittenden

Hey, its part 1 of my story! woo woo, this part is mostly about the nuclear weapons that were launched world wide and some stuff to get you to come back later ;)


Luis Prado

Poem about an android's awakening after a great war.

Genesis Vault: at Center City (part 2)

Ashley Wynn

Updated 12-08-05 Well, I have been writing. Not nearly as much as I'd like, but I have been putting out a minimal effort. More of my post-apocalyptic adventure. This piece is a bit long, and fairly unorganized. As always there are some formatting issues, and hopefully they'll get fixed soon.