The Silver Feather(Chapter 3)

Christina Corneli

The youthful Elf is given the eternal gift of a Silver Phoenix�s feather, this has been passed down, apprentice after a apprentice till it falls into the hands, quite literally, of the one person, who can lead a army in to darkness, and erase all the hate between the races


Al DiBianco

Just a scene that i thought of...

Catch of the Day (Part 2)

Cullen Groves

James, suffering from the mermaid's curse, must concoct a plan to face the sea-nymph and wrest a counter-curse from her directly.

Catch of the Day (Part 3)

Cullen Groves

James descends to the bottom of the ocean and through the merwoman's trench to her underwater kingdom. Involves a Beowulf inspired battle beneath the sea (very loosely inspired!).

The Labyrinth (pt 2)

Joe Arenal

Flick and Zander continue their way down into the depths of the mountain

Quest for the Atrium: Ch. 1

Beth Master' Lewis

This is the beginning of a long quest to find the eternal temple, the Atrium, and wreak vengeance on the Char(fire spirits), by several different characters. Introduces Arven Hunter, the nymph Sayinti, and the darkmage Kariscus.

Keeper of Souls--Prologue

Bryanna Parker

Well here we begin. There really isn't much to say about this short little bit, it is the prologue of Keeper of Souls, which I am still writing. The characters who you are introduced to here (though not by name) are nymphs of the water.

The Tree Nymph

Anniina Jokinen


Charles Trowbridge

This is a perfect example of why authers shouldent be rushed. I know I can go back and change it...but...I'm not in love with this peice like i was when i first wrote and, and if i did go back and change it so that it all fit one tense i'd end up draining all of the emotion.

Death of Evolution, Creation of an Enigma, Chapter 3

Lacie Scott

The third installment.

The Water Nymph

Jacqueline Tanner

This was the first fantasy writing i ever wrote. I was probably inspired by something i read or saw at Elfwood, as i am constantly. There is still something that annoys me about this poem, but when i go to change it i cannot seem to find it... hehe oh well.

Julia's Poem

Kazz Leer

A poem describing the story of Julia and Panos.(Please read Story first)

Of Violets and Moonbeams:2

C. Seidel

This is the second chapter of the story. Here's Ari six years later.


Logan Pickup

Adele was going to be a character for AD&D, but she kinda took on a life of her own. Because this was originally only going to be a bio of her, I feel I glossed over the early stages a bit too much. Oh well, I'll work on it... Update: I don't think I'll work on this anymore. I've said all the important things, and the rest of her life just isn't story material.

Bathing Nymph

Frank Berendsen

Let's just say that this is a combination of things: A beer too much My mother calling my sister a Bathing Nymph after a shower of 2 hours Too much fantasy


Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

The first of three 'femme fatale' poems (The second is Medusa - Fleeting Touch, the third hasn't been written yet). The legend of Sirens is pretty well known, but do you ever think of what would go through a sailor's mind when he is under the spell of the song? Sometimes, under such magic, there are worst things than death...

The Sea Nymph and the Sleeping Dwarf

christine golfettodorr

Love can be found where least expected....

Keeper of Souls

Bryanna Parker

Well, this is the begining of a longer story I am writing. It's main character is a water nymph and it follows his journey throughout the relms of the world, along with his mysterious companion. I started writing it a year ago, but it is obviously still not finished.

The Memory of Trees

Daniela Doyne

The basic idea was inspired by my friend Rybe and listening to Enya and stuff helped it along as well. Nothing special. And yes, I know she would actually have to be a dryad. But I liked the concept of nymphs being more woodsy creatures than skimpily clad females.

The Wood Nymph

S. VanDenEng

...Does the forest maiden wonder? (poem)