Approaching the Keep and Welcome to Wolfsinger Keep

Debbie Palmer

A short narrative about a visitor arriving at Joiya's adult home.

The One That Was Promised: Prologue

Alissa Feller

A wandering girl finds herself in a mysterious wood....and meets an unlikely vistor. Is Kallie destined to save her kindgom from an evil magic? Okay, so I know this is still VERY rough. Please be nice when posting your comments. I need help with title ideas, so if you have any, please let me know!

CotAoE Introduction

Richard Blackburn

Introduction to the setting of The Chronicles of the Age of Elfongor. Written in the voice of Drovosh the Historian, Master of CotAoE Research and Distribution. I intend on having many more short stories(10 books) and two novels (but not all of that will make it onto this site).

Mahou no Takai: Autumn

Mary Harrison

The second installment. I should proably tell you what the title means. It means 'Death of Magic' in Japanese.*^_^*

Mahou no Takai: Spring

Mary Harrison

The final installment. I like this part because I thought it was fun making up the children. Kids are cute--as long as they belong to someone else or are under the age of 2. ^_^

Crimson, chapter 17

Alyssa Green

Alright, I think this one goes a little faster than the others... I'm not sure if I put enought detail into it. Also, it's a bit more on the violent side towards the end since it is a vampire story and, well, vampires kill people... (supposedly)^^ Anyhoo, I'm kinda tired so theres not much editing to it. (The next chapter is exciting! Wait, chapter 18... o.o is all confused)

Ragnhild and the Wolf

Christopher Manica

With vengeance is met oathbreaking - seek not the vengeance of the fae.

The Last Dragon: Chapter 3

Beth Master' Lewis

Oh man.... I REALLY seem to be in the mood for plot twisting! Well, the story will (hopefully) be wrapping up soon! I think there will be only one more chapter after this. I swear this one is rushed as well.... *sniff* *sigh* I don't know what's wrong with me.

Ghaidya - Prologue

Kelvin Wintern' Tan

A tale of three countries set in a world known as the Land

Ghaidya - Chapter 2

Kelvin Wintern' Tan

A tale of three countries set in a world known as the Land

Mahou no Takai: Summer

Mary Harrison

My little fable project for Creative Writing. I wrote it over the course of one weekend and have been picking at it since. Feel free to pick at it more. The entire story takes place over four seasons, and it starts out in the summer. So rather than posting the entire 14-page long story in one place, I split it up into the four seasons. Erh, okay, that makes sense only to me, proably. Oh well. Tell me whatcha think!! ^_^

When It Rains It Pours (part III: finale)

Callie Richardson

Wooohoo... the finale of this every-so-clever-and-original myth thing! Sorta sad I the end...............................................................sorta.

Taaron and the Sheltering Oak - Part Two

Andy Bradley

The second part of my fantasy adventure. I would really sppeciate anyones comments on this and the first part, especially if you would like to read more!

Song of a Harp

Megan Myer

This was an essay for my english class. She had different pictures and she told us to write a story, using the picture. It took me two weeks to write is due today 6/9/03

Ghaidya - Chapter 1

Kelvin Wintern' Tan

A tale of three countries set in a world known as the Land

~ Beadu Oaken ~

J. Coates

This poem sprang from the name. I collect names and am creating my own name book. I found this name; Beadu = warrior maid - Germany And immediately thought of the word oaken, which her shield would be made of, a legendary item, so she would be dubed with that last name. I hope to delve into her story more.

The Awakening Chapters 3-4

Michele-Marie Dalene

Part 2 of The Awakening story. The problems for Michele Marie as a Dryad, Elmira's Education. Here is where the 'Rubber meets the Road' As Michele Marie, Gaia, Elmira are facing a challenge from Gaia's Daughter Fredia and the State Legislature to distroy the enchanted forest for its wood.

Green Land 04: Death of the Great Tree

Richard Lorenz

Although not delineated fully in the story, the Great Tree is symbolic, to the people of White Oak, of their prosperity. Much of the town revelry and celebrations took place there. To find it dead is a blow to their own self image.

Lala, the Unbeweavable Spider

T. Tyndell

I enjoy making up stories for my daughter. She really liked this one, so I wrote it out for others to read.

Grandmother Oak

Kacie Goodwin

A poem about the tree spirit Grandmother Oak.