Shards of Alesya: Chapter 5

Raven O'Shea

Echo and Tear discuss Rain and their pasts. Questions without answers abound as they wonder on what side the Lord of Death stands.

Shards of Alesya: Chapter 4

Raven O'Shea

After parting with Tear and Echo, Rain decided a walk in the cemetary to clear her mind is just what she needs. She also hopes to run into her mysterous boy again. However, their meeting prompts more questions than answers and draws Rain deeper into a world she can't comprehend.

GGC - Part I - 1 - Father

Marlena Cannon

First chapter of my revised fantasy epic work, Ghosts of the Golden City. The story concerns an elven girl in a quest for her identity, amid a world of hidden political upheavings and a secret revolution of the undead. And it's all about the occult science of the mind.

Just Children....

Kate Pirate' Riley

The first ever poem thats actually workied! An ill fated Vampire comes face to face with the love of his life. Quite a long poem with admittadly a lot of work to be done but hey this is my first proper poem so be easy on me lol! oh and watch out for the twist in the end....

Pools Of Blood

Lain Sakuraba

A story started for my love of Vampyr lore, a story of a new Vampyr searching for love whilst he rules over the dead.

What is it like to die? chapter one

Lain Sakuraba

'What is it like to die?' 'It hurts. A lot.'

Lady of the Dead - Chapter One

Sophie Laycock

'She is a Forsaken. A Forsaken Witch. She will know her place in hell.'

When the Shadow Speaks Part 1/Chapter 1 and 2

Leigh Me

The firey spirited Bregita wakes from another haunting dream in which she is called to save the sorceress queen Dirwan from her royal captor. But what is the source of the dreams? And why is she compelled to follow?

Storm Wolf

Dianna Arnold

This is another example of the wierd things I think about.  This came about for two reasons.  First, I wanted to write something longer than a few pages, and second, I had a really wierd dream.  The dream mentioned in the story is pretty close to a dream I had were I was a werewolf being chased, but I was guilty of nothing.  In fact, at no point in the dream did I ever become a wolf, I just knew (in the way that one does in dreams) that I was a werewolf.  I know there is a lot of tweaking to be done, and the ending leaves something to be desired, but that being said, I hope you enjoy.

Omega Chapter One

Kate Pirate' Riley

Few I'm shattered. Um these are the first chapter and first part of chapter two of omega, a story about witchcraft, posession, ghosts and half-human, half felne/canine felidae creatures. There is the unfortunate heron chaz cast out from a town where the resistance is based. A group against the empire of their world and Chaz was kicked out because his brother entered the army and they found out and thought he was a spy. Chaz comes to the city of dreams to join the resistance there but finds nothing but slums, murder and above all adventure. Sophie is a gang member captured for her own protection by the resistance as she is accused of heracy and people are out for her blood. There have been many cases such as hers and she is victimised because of her mixed race origins. The difference this time is that sophie is a witch and is bitter and merciless towards outsiders. How their paths cross is slowly unveiled. You have to keep reading to find out how. Enjoy!

D4: Falling for You

Randell Embs

The Defector hunts a possesed murderer in a haunted house.

Shards of Alesya: Chapter 1

Raven O'Shea

Beyond the known, and what our simple senses can divine, there lies another world. It is a world where the forces of magic have been at war for eternity. Our world is the prize, and the battleground. Fighting for mortals, for our every world and souls, are the Four, the mighty High Lords of the Fae: Light, Life, Darkness… and even Death. Against them are all the powers of evil and chaos arrayed. Light and Darkness have been reborn into mortal form, awaiting the day they will Awaken to their true forms, while Life and Death battle to keep them from the hands of those who would destroy all mankind. They have left their ancient Fae homeland of Alesya to be the guardians of ours. Step into this epic battle between good and evil, into the Shards of Alesya.

The Vine

Bicskei (Draconida)

I was just sitting at home one day,thinking...Where is the almighty God we all pray to? Why doesn't He erase all the pain and suffering in the world if He indeed loves His children? Then I wrote this.

Tale of the Spell


A translation of some chant used during some ritual. It actually has some power - or at least I believe it to have - so... I altered it. On purpose. But please enjoy it anyway, and of course comment on it. *grin*

Lady of the Dead - Prologue

Sophie Laycock

'We will have our wish,' the Lady's voice echoed. "As your Lady, I will make sure of it.'

The Defector #1

Randell Embs

This series of stories comes from the idea of one of the world's evilest men, a Satanist, trained to kill, responsible the human sacrifice, receiving Jesus Christ and thus defecting. Now he uses his knowledge of Satanism to fight those responsible for human sacrifice. I can't put all the stories based on this character on Wyvern because they are somewhat graphic. After all, it is hard to write about devil-worship and ritual abuse without being somewhat morbid, but hopefully these stories aren't so bad. As for a reference in the story that some have accused of being too graphic, namely the man's recollection of what the cult did to infants, I am just trying to keep accurate to stories of ritualistic abuse which I have heard. I hope that I am not being too descriptive. If I tried to be more accurate to the ungodly deeds of devil-worshippers it would make this look rather innocent.

Season of Pentacles

Christina Lovse

Ghostly people come to take over human bodies.

Shards of Alesya: Chapter 6

Raven O'Shea

Unable to really come to terms with the events of the night before, Rain skipps school to gather her thoghts. Needing a change of scenery, she heads over to the nearby coffee shop where a chance meeting changes her life...

D2: The Warning.

Randell Embs

This is another in the series of short stories about the Satanist turned Christian vigilante hero.

What is it like to die, Chapter 2

Lain Sakuraba

'how do you know when you are dead?' 'when it hurts'