Prophecies of the Volva

Chris Thorndycroft

A retelling of the fabled meeting between the chief God Odin and the wise Prophetess who predicts the end of the world. Based on 'Völuspá' a poem in the Poetic Edda.


Eric Liao

I came up with a really cool idea and wanted to write a poem about it, but I didn't quite do it justice. I'm thinking of redoing this poem, but here's what I had. I really didn't expect it to be this long or steeped in Norse mythology. I've been trying to do some more rhyming, but I really don't like this abab rhyme scheme. If I have time, I think I'd write it in an off-rhyme scheme, like some parts of Rise and Fall, which is probably one of my only poems I'm actually satisfied with. Ok, stuff about the poem now. It's about the world being a paradise and us coming with our technology and screwing it up (again! seems like a common theme for me) but this time with a Norse mythology slant.

Recall of the valkyrie

Kate Inquisition

This poem is a dialogue between Odin, commander of the Valkyries, and Brynhild, a Valkyrie who rebelled against him for her brother in Valhalla. Brynhild stands up to Odin, telling him that fears her. As penance, we condemn her to remain on a hilltop until a mortal should come and claim her. After a while his heart softens, realizing she was the only Valkyrie who was his equal in battle and places a ring of fire around her, so that only the bravest mortal can claim her. (5-15-03)

The Price of Runeknowledge

Raymond Myers (Mike)

This poem was inspired by the Havemal, a story from the Poetic Edda dipicting how Odin obtained runeknowledge and the runes. If you are totally unfamiliar with Norse Mythology it probably won't make much sense to you.

Aiden's Saga

Raymond Myers (Mike)

This is the story of a young viking on his first foreign raid. This is the first in a series of short stories I am writing about this character.

Einherjar ch1 (incomplete)

Nick Tremblay

Sometimes when people die they don't go straight to heaven or hell. If they die in battle they go to Odin. These are the stories of the lives of those that fight to keep the war of Ragnarok spilling onto Earth.

The Ragnarok Cycle -- Part I

Gregory Rabbitt

Back in late 2002 I had the idea of writing a series of short stories based on the Norse myth of Ragnarok, the 'Twilight of the Gods.' This was the initial story I made up, and I actually haven't gone back to write more in the series. It's still on one of my to-do lists.

Dark Clouds

Andy LeFevour

This is a story all about Thor from Norse myth. It's long! If you like mythology, dig in. If you are unfamiliar, then maybe i can get you hooked.

Death's First Meeting

Jessica Robinson

A humorous look into the secret meetings of the ancient gods.

The Völva

Talor Cruithne

Writen some time ago (more than a year probably), after I've read about the first Christian Norwegian King, Olaf Trygvasson who either slew by sword or drowned  the Norse Priestesses, known more commonly as völvas. That king also forced Noway into baptism, and is one of the main reasons why Norse Paganism died in Norway during the 10th -11th century.

The Lonely Moor

Hannah Smith

Can you guess whats going on? It will tell you at the end but try to guess beofre then.

Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods

Frances Gibbs

Poetry based on the prophesy of the great battle of Ragnarok, and the event s leading up to it, as known in Norse Mythology, as much as I have done so far... My rendition of Fenrir lives here and here in my loth gallery.

Harbingers Of Death

Risiart Lloyd

Erm. Lots and lots of mythology references all over the place. Odin's a Norse God, obviously. Erm. Muninn and Huginn were his Ravens. The Raven and the Wolf are frequently refered to as Harbingers of Death in Celtic and Norse mythology. Erm, Ariel is the Archangel of Beasts, Azrael is often quoted as the Archangel of Death. Raphael is quoted as being the Archangel of Healing. And if you don't know which Raven quoth 'Nevermore', then you shouldn't be reading poetry *Grins*.

Runic Poems One

Pedestal Guy

Poems on the first AEtt of the runic alphabet

The Legend of Jall and Gildeth

Jason Murdock

The Legendary Woad Raider, Jall McBrendeth finally meets Gildeth, the Legendary Dire Wolf.


Michael King

A typical poem about Sleipner.