Adelaide's Dare

Bridgette Chaffey

Ok, so this was an assignment at school, we had to write a short story... a REALLY short story. And I know it's twisted, and so am I if you believe my classmates... So here it goes! Read on, Brave Vistior, and if Adelaide ever visits you, put on a pair of mirrored sunnies and bolt!

Down under 'poem'

Roxanne L' Thomas

this is a poem that i wrote quite awhile ago so hope you like it..

DTW:Chapter Four

Sabrina Stanphill

Death (Or Something Like It)

Ben Brannan

A story written with a dash of British humor; The main character dies in his sleep and must come to terms with this while juggling a Hate-Hate relationship with the spirit of a plant and trying to discover why he wasn't taken to Heaven OR Hell-- Just left alone on Earth.

Pain and Repent

Andy Hacker'

Here well I probably was thinking of Kenshin when I wrote this or my life, eather way I think this is quite self explanatory.

Destiny Falls / Chapter 1

Heather 'Ambrosheia'King

Chapter 1 of Destiny Falls Ambers new life...or is it her downfall


Peter Griffiths

Returning from exile

Borgir, chapter 2

Jasper Coucke

The madness continues