Ch. 4: Revelations

Brian Smith

In this chapter, you find out the origins of Rob and get one of the WEIRDEST comedy scenes I have EVER done.

Demon Lord

E. Hanna

It's not what you think. I'm not some depressed teenager in black make-up who writes poems about a fanged monster ripping a village apart. This is the story of one demon who's sick of misconceptions.

Tales of a Dark City (The Shadow Weave)

Anson Brehmer

The year is 2003, and the world is a much as we know it. A secret US facility in a remote corner of the Iraqi desert has started messing with the fabric of reality in ways man ought not, and there are those who would pay any price to stop them...and change the world forever. This is the tale of the Shadow Weave, the beginning of the Brave New World.

Garroway's Song -- poem

Anna Smith

Garroway is a were-dingo. This is to say, he used to be a normal dingo, with a mate, a section of territory, pups, and the job of helping raise them. One night, something attacked and bit him. The next full moon, the poor feral dog found himself a man. He now tends to stay in a hybrid, or anthro form. Once, when asked about his origins, he responded with this. As a poem, here, it lacks a title, I only called it Garroway's Song to have something to call it. Any suggestions?

The First Drought

Rebekah Williams

This is the story of the first drought on Earth.

Prologue: In the Beginning

Brianne Hughes

Prologue of my other story 'Chapter 1: Meet the Family' Still in progress... I've been spending time away from my stories to see how they developped when I'm not looking. Critiques more than welcome!

New Beginning

Cullen Groves

John Mulberry finds a strange visitor on his doorstep, who provides a peculiar revelation. I wrote this in response to the request of him who read my stories thusfar; so here is the origin of that avatar who made an appearance in 'A Brush with Death.'

Chapter One: A New Dawn Rises

The beginning. Everything must have a beginning. Especially if it is to end. Thus we start with Eyris Gildon and all the dreams, woes, and thoughts that drive him to leave home and join the National Army. Voluntarily? In pending conflict with the country of the East? Yes and yes. And just what's this about the promise of dragons on the shore? Perhaps his new aquaintances can provide some answers...Welcome to New Athens and beyond--it's about to get bumpy from here on out. For updates on publication and distribution, please visit: UPDATE: ~This book is now up for sale in its entirety at All comments are welcome...  Especially the good kind.  :) ~Happy Reading! Latest revision: 12/12/11  


Mark Maher

Inspired by an old story I read by Bob Liddil? this is a telling of the beginning of the universe by a bard.

The Perfect Fury

J. Carpenter

This is an amateurish attempt at telling what little I know of the origin of Ged Alai/Grey, the primary antagonist in an epic world-story-thing I've been building since about seventh grade. There are pictures of both Grey and Ranth in my Fantasy/Sci-Fi gallery, convenienty linked to from my main Library page.

The story of the Great Seeds

Phil Frederick

This is a story I used for my rp. Obviously it has some elements influenced by Tolkien and the like.


Joshua Williams

Well, this story isn't very long. And everyone should know by now what I think of my writing skills.

Blue Star: The Very Biggening

C.G. Shafer

While this story is about a superhero, it's just about his very beggining, before his complete ascension into superherodome. I'll keep the rest a secret for now...

Áleishen, Dawn's Chanter

Eeva Kulmala

An elf poem from one of my fantasy worlds. Based on world's mytologhy.

God and the philosopher

Marius Ernst

Ever wondered why a god would need a whole day to create light? This might be the reason. This short piece of writing is a kind of origin story, and at the same time a philosophical text. With special thanks to Naimah for some corrections ;).

Tales Of The First Son 1

Melissa Confer

A creation tale of sorts explaining the origin of a roleplay character I once used. Of course, he and I knew his name but the teller of this tale does not.


Vicki Nemeth

When I was very young, there was an ice storm one day. I remember standing under a birch tree and looking up through the layer of ice weighing on the branches, sparkling in the sunlight. Then Dad would take a broomstick and hit the branches 'CRASH' to knock the ice off so that it wouldn't go fall on me without him knowing. This childhood memory is so important to me that it will always permeate my imagination. So it's fitting, especially since I'm an abstract thinker, to write such a far fetched, and hideously cute, fable. Edition completed April 20th, 2004.

Wrong World!

Pablo Nieto

This is undoubtedly one of my most beloved stories. Were it not for Cecilia Denis' remarkable technical revision to my english version, this tale would probably not be available here. Thank you Cecilia!

Rising Force

David Lewandowski

The first of three installments in a series I wrote while thinking about how things may have gotten to be the way they are...

The origin of Eagleman

S. Doner-Pond

This is a character I made up from a nickname I had. Long, boring story, suffice to say I was called Eagleman by a goodly chunk of the community. I made the character (which is NOT in any established gaming system) and this is his story.