Chosen Gifts - Prologue

Carrie Miller

This is the prologue to Chosen Gifts (working title), a novel I have been writing since eigth grade (9 years). The story has gone through about 5 major revisions, but heart of the story has always been the same. Mists will be longer soon, but this is the bare bones giving a small history to Eilayna, the main character, and her sister Joilynn.

White Mushrooms

Aaron Robinson

Assuming I have done everything correctly, this story should have an illustration. If not, feel free to advise me on what I may have done wrong. The image was taken from a public domain source (here) and edited by me in Photoshop.


Karla Chambers

Since this is a complete work, I'm going to let it speak for itself...

Orphan Angel-Chapter One

Stefanie Harris

Kate didn't know who she was or what she was... until she met the man who would change her life forever...

Introduction: The Warrior

Jakob Pedersen

This is an introduction to Regaar, the Warrior, one of four characters in an upcoming series about an adventuring party.


Patricio Gronda

There's a song of The Offspring that is perfect for this story. It says: 'Now that you're dead and gone, and I'm left to carry on, I could live again if you just stay alive for me' (Or something like that).

Thirteen: Part One

Athene Grele

This was my first-ever big-scale fantasy story project. It started when my cousin and I both got diaries for Christmass. Not being the sort of girls who write in diaries, Zoe and I decided to write stories in them instead. We planned on having a thirteen-book series- She'd write six books, I'd write six books, and we'd write the last one together. They were going to chronicle the adventures of four main characters, each with a different kind of magic, each from a different universe. One of them discovers she has a talent for opening portals into other universes, and thus begins an epic journey through four universes and eight books, as she gathers the other characters around her and they battle the forces of evil. In the last book, they all come together in one of my character's universes and bring down a tyrant who has outlawed magic. This story you're about to read is part one of either the fourth book or the third book (yes, they're being written out of order).

Chapter 1: Nightmare

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

And here we come to the crux of the matter. A few years have passed since the Barbarian Wars ravaged the lands of Tarnara. But a young orphan boy named Tarna--named for the great king who founded the land ages ago--has little thought for those terrible events. He dreams of adventure, but little suspects what destiny has in store for him.

No Need to Promise

Ingrid Atkinson

Adonis is just a sweet young boy . . . Right? Part of the Children section of The Perfect Gamble.

The Dragons' Gift

Cally Steussy

I do have a picture for this, 'tis in mine Lothlorien gallery.

The Temple Orphan

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

Yea, yea... not my best of titles, but i like the piece. This is a short story and a prequel-ish tale to my Sinner's Song stuff. ~cheers~ AND it is all about Nathyn! really, Luna?? How kewl... ~blushes deeply~ I feel special... Yep, it's a bit dark, but I like it.. so there you go...

Death's Tears Parts 4 & 5

Leigh Erickson

I'm going to have to start combining chapters now... here is the other cast of this story... meet Ranar, T'ranel, and Theoth... many thanks to Eli for her editing help!

The Greymalkin's Tale

Erin Goss

The beginning of the tale of the greatest witch hunter who ever lived.

Wilted Roses

Erin Bridges

Lea is an orphan with powers that outstretch even the most powerful of witches, when she is pulled out of a nothing life at the orphanage and put into the glamorous life at St. Steven's Academy, she can't help but wonder if there's more to this then what she's being told...

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 2)

Jade Bailey

the second chapter of my story, which introduces sianrel, another of my main characters. a very cool bloke indeed. most people hate him simply because they cannot understand him, so he's taken to being a bit quiet and shy. 's not fun, being the orphaned son of a witch and a madman... well, supposedly. in this chapter, his dreams of adventure teeter on the brink of realisation...

Furries Chronicle

richard laws

This is an experiment for me, I'll be honest. I don't tend to write stuff like this, but it has really caught my imaginataion. This is the story of several anthromorphic characters in a magic-heavy environment. I don't want to give to much away, but it has several threads that I hope to draw together. I don't have an overall plan for how this is going to end, or happen, just what I feel like whan I'm writing. If you have any suggestions about the plot, do mention them, they will be appriciated. Again, any feedback on HOW to write is always appriciated. If any part of this offends, please do contact me and I will endevour to explain myself.

Chapter 1 of Novel

Mark Kramarzewski

Well, this is a novel I'm working on, I've made a few adjustments over time. I'd love you to tell me what you think, what you like, what you don't etc

untitled (prologue)

Maleah Schmitke

This is part of the story that the character intros go with. I still don't have an idea what I should call the story, and I may not end up using this as the prologue, I haven't decided yet, but I thought I'd see what people thought before I decided whether or not to scrap it. I hope you enjoy what I have so far. Please leave comments. ^_^

Dark Justice: Chapters 4-6

Leigh Me

After saving the mousy Helen from her perverted captors,Justice resolves to help the 'newly sent away,' as they call those sentenced to that prison which her streets have become, acclimate to her new prison surroundings by taking her to Justice's mentor, Suarez. He had taken her in as a child as he did so many others. Surely he would know what to do with this one. But upon reaching the home she finds the walls freshly sprayed with her orphan siblings' blood. A complete massacre. And the young ones herded away save her dimwitted 9 year old brother, Keito who with his ability to contort into small spaces had hidden himself away while the massacre took place. Leaving them asking, 'Why?' and swearing revenge.

Jade_Chapter 1

Sheila Henson

This is the first chapter to a long story about a fantasy loving teenaged girl and her life and dealing with her parents death. In the beginning she doesnt like herself much, and wishes she could live up to the mystical goddess her mother was, but after many strange and magical things, in the end, she finds that her reality is as good as any fantasy, and so is she.