End Game part VI

Samantha James

Danae for the last time... finally.. you're prob sick of it by now..

A day in one's life

Miroslav Milov

A day from a life of an unusual boy

Bathing Nymph

Frank Berendsen

Let's just say that this is a combination of things: A beer too much My mother calling my sister a Bathing Nymph after a shower of 2 hours Too much fantasy

Beatrice de Longpre

Gwladys Sarie

True friendship can lead an ordinary girl to go in a different world to rescue her best friend.  It is my first text that I didn't write in French and translate in English after.

The First Wolves

Colin Haynes

Creation Gods Earth Myth

Creator & Creations, Part 1

Jake Beasley

I meet my characters. Every single one of them, ranging from a two-headed serpent to the well-known Phoenix and Aura. But they need my help. After all, I am their Creator.

The Citadel, chapter one

Louise Boucher

The first chapter edit for the new version (I think its about version twelve of the story or version three of the New Version which is a bit of a radical change from the Old Version - The Road to Ennion is based on the Old Version and my note there expalins a little about the change in the story). Its different from what was here before because I'm keeping Rhonwyn's entrance back a little as I've decided it would be more like her to turn up when she choses rather than because they call her (Rhonwyn is the central character of the story but if you don't know who she is don't worry too much, all will be explained when I publish the next couple of chapters). This is mostly Haydain because he deserved a proper introduction, he's my current favourite Citadel character and he really shapes the plot in the first part of the story so it helps to understand more about him and his ideas at the start. Please leave a comment, go on :-) If you want to discuss this chapter with me or ask a question about it then post a message in this journal entry.

Sasha Speaks

Renèe aka: cozzybob

Sasha is a gorrilla. The theme to this is open for debate, since I really can't make up my mind. Haha. This is also dedicated to anyone who's ever watched a dog bask in the glow of the high noon sun--and joined him. Anyone can see the sky, but few ever touch it. Originally written in 2003

The Curse Of The Crimson Talismans: Episode Three

Kayla Lamb

Episode Three...entitled 'The Other Side'.

Wings of Love

Melanie Henderson-Lee

An excerpt from the life of one of the many voices inside my head

The Machine


This is a rather gloomy piece. It is an attempt to describe emotions, rather than the situation itself. It was inspiered by a dream I had. The English did not turn out to be super, since I wrote it first in Swedish and then translated it. I'll work on that.

The Green Velvet Guantlet, Chapter 3

Rick Smith

David and Becky find themselves in a brand new place.

Memories of Magic: Part V Memories of Something Lost

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

I give a lot of information in this chapter. There is still more to come, but if you have any questions about what is said, feel free to ask.

Go Beyond

Ari Bethel Bell

Sorta, kinda about life and being held down, I wrote this last year, while in foster care...yes, a poem...

Out of the Glass: Chapter 1

Monica Labins

Ever wondered about the secrets inside your mirror?  Sure, the world tells you that a mirror is simple a polished surface that reflects light that is bouncing off of your body back into your eyes, but is that what it really is?  What if there is a world devoted entirely to making sure you always have your reflection right there in your mirror?


Fred Hu

This was a project I had to do for a class.This story might not make a lot of sense at the beginning, and it might make less sense at the end.Just imagine a world like our own, except with a few distinct changes. I'll leave you to figure out what's different. If I continue the series, this might make more sense.

Tears that Redeem: Chapter 1

Jamie Brewer

Second Draft of this...while I had all but stoped work on Tears to complete a story for a contest, I decided that the main charicter needed more background development behind her so I took the previously semi-pointless discussion between her and her mother and turned it into a worldbuilding sequence. Please make sure you've read the prologue before continuing.

no name

ezra farrar

its one of my first storys, so it may not be that good. i need a lot more ot do oon it.

The Task

Hayley van Gelder

This was somethinng I found lurking in a shadowdy corner of my hardrive, it's so old I've forgotten almost everything about it. (All coming back now, though) It's another beginning, but one I quite liked - one day I will put a middle and an end on some of these! It's also not in a style I usually use, so I thought I'd give it a whirl ...

Memories of Magic: Part VI Memories of Rememberance

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

Last part before the epilogue! I like this ending better than the epilogues, but the epilogue just finishes everything up. Sorry if this part seems like just one big information dump! I tried to be creative with giving out all this information. Tell me how it is, if I need anything more, if something doesn’t make sense. Feel free to review! Thank you so much for reading!