'Tir na n-Og'

Ben Peery

A poem about the old gods and the afterlife of Irish/Celtic mythology

The Citadel, chapter three

Louise Boucher

I'm very pleased with how this one turned out, its very dark and you'll probably want to hug poor Haydain by the end but I'm glad I've written it! Took a while and much deliberating and late nights fussing over the words. Still I never said things were going to be easy in this story. I think this balances the happier beginning a bit better and starts to hint at the problems the Dragonians face, problems they seem to have a knack of making worse for themselves. This is the crescendo of the first two chapters - though not of the whole story and you just wait until Chapter Five if you want to see some of the characters have their minds blown away! There are even a few hints to what may happen in the future and some themes developing to watch out for later. Comments and criticism appreciated and mulled over as always. If you want to discuss this chapter with me or ask a question about it you can post a message in this journal entry.

The Road to Ennion, chapters three and four

Louise Boucher

The journey continues and the plot thickens! You must have some ideas about what has been going on in Lorne by now and I'd enjoy hearing what they are, as well as the usual comments and constructive criticism. I hope you find this part enjoyable, there are even some comic moments. And I'd better mention my sister Rebecca who helped with some of the editing and laughed at the jokes! In Chapter Four a character called Asphodel(us) is mentioned, I can't give too much away about him but he's really important to the overall story and I love him to bits, really, *whisper* even more than Haydain! The next part is on it's way.

The Silver Queen- Prologue

Rose Edana Rós' Pratt

An introduction to the story, telling of phrophecies, and the birth of the main character.

Tears that Redeem: Chapter 2

Jamie Brewer

Second draft (uploaded 6-19-01). Make sure you've read the prologue and chapter 1 before continuing here. And critique appreciated as allways.

Crow Girls part 3

Laura Peregrin

This is the third installment of a longer project - there will be more...

The Citadel, chapter one

Louise Boucher

The first chapter edit for the new version (I think its about version twelve of the story or version three of the New Version which is a bit of a radical change from the Old Version - The Road to Ennion is based on the Old Version and my note there expalins a little about the change in the story). Its different from what was here before because I'm keeping Rhonwyn's entrance back a little as I've decided it would be more like her to turn up when she choses rather than because they call her (Rhonwyn is the central character of the story but if you don't know who she is don't worry too much, all will be explained when I publish the next couple of chapters). This is mostly Haydain because he deserved a proper introduction, he's my current favourite Citadel character and he really shapes the plot in the first part of the story so it helps to understand more about him and his ideas at the start. Please leave a comment, go on :-) If you want to discuss this chapter with me or ask a question about it then post a message in this journal entry.

Daughters of Ora, Chapter 3

Liesel Booker

Um...yeah, I'm a slow updater. I'm fully-aware that this isn't my best work, but I wanted to get through their childhood.

Tears that Redeem: Chapter 1

Jamie Brewer

Second Draft of this...while I had all but stoped work on Tears to complete a story for a contest, I decided that the main charicter needed more background development behind her so I took the previously semi-pointless discussion between her and her mother and turned it into a worldbuilding sequence. Please make sure you've read the prologue before continuing.

The Citadel, prologue

Louise Boucher

This is my new edit of the Prologue, it's not changed much! I've included a little more information in my author's note to update it with some of my new work on the Dragonian langauge. You don't have to read it, the prologue itself follows after the big titiles (which should be viewed in a font called 'dauphin' like all the Citadel chapter headings)! If you would like to discuss the Prologue or the preamble with me you can post a question or comment in this journal entry. If you want to discuss the whole of the story or make a general point then post here.

Untitled (poem)

S. Gyory

This poem just kind of came in one of those zoning-out moments... It's a little... sad... Nonetheless, enjoy.

Beyond The Bush Chapter 2

Tom Shine

Thanks to the great Megan Proverbs for the title. I can't believe I never thought of it myself! *shame* So did the suspense at the end of chapter 1 get to ya? I hope not, because in this one you shall be sorely disappointed. Introduction of Mirt, a character inspired by the fantastic child characters created by David Eddings. her arrival brings more mystery to this somewhat dull tale. Where did she come from? Why does she act so grown up? And what is Ril? You'll find out in the next chapter. But meanwhile, read on... It gets more fantastical in the next parts, I promise.

Wolfrunner: Chap 05 End

Jessica Cannon

It all ends, in one bloody battle with Vladimir to gain Danse's freedom. If enough people read and likey, I write more, but I doubt it.

Wolfrunner: Chap 01

Jessica Cannon

When an evil vampire enlists Nikolai the tracker to hunt down a mysterious woman, this journey leads him all over the world to a strange potential ally in a dangerous, post-collapse future.

The Long and the Short of It - Poem

V.K Alfieri

Just a silly little fun poem i wrote before getting stuck back into my story...it actually helped me write more of my story believe it or not....

The Visions of Therathiel, part one

Louise Boucher

A little companion piece to The Citadel and my first Mod's Choice. Therathiel is mentioned at various points in the story and I thought that some readers might want to know more about her and her visions. If this seems slightly removed from my normal style then it is because this was supposed to have been written by Mirendhan - the notes at the bottom are all his rather than mine. I will try to write a couple more pieces like this, about famous Dragonians - I'm thinking of writing about Silmaldur (a Dragonian warrior who tried to make peace with the Midgardians - it would give me a chance to try writing an epic battle sequence) but if anyone would like any others or any more information about Dragonian history I'd be open to suggestions. I'm rewieving the Dragonian language, but if you check out the preamble before the prologue to The Citadel you can find the latest incarnation. To be really up to date stop by my livejournal, 'estelthea', where I'll be sharing some examples of the language and talking about it's creation. If you would like to discuss this story with me or ask a question about it then you can leave your message here in my journal.

The Road to Ennion, chapters one and two

Louise Boucher

This is the first installment of a story featuring some Midgardians (from The Citadel). Please read my author's note which explains a little about where this story, and the rest of the novel, came from. I've updated this story a few times since I put it on my shelf, hopefully I've done something about my dialogue and characterisation (as noted by John Ross Gunningham in the first comment). I have redone the dialogue and given a few more details about the characters, which I left out before. Some of the extra details give clues about what comes next in the story (there is a big revelation on the way) and others are more to do with what was already established before this section begins but which are not really a part of this plot. I would like to hear any suggestions about what you think will happen or has happened and why you think things will go a certain way so I can tell if my foreshadowing is working. This section will need some dramatic changes if I do use it in my current version so I'd like you to have some fun and enjoy it. These events happen several hundred years after the first part of The Citadel, Midgard has changed a bit but my ideas and themes carry all the way through so any similarities are probably deliberate! I'd like to mention that Ethelwulf is really horrible but I've always thought of him as my favourite of all the characters, I enjoy writing nasty!


Daisy Gillam

Wow.. This one's hard to describe. I just started writing one day, about an hour before I had to go leave for my job at the library, which I did NOT want to go to. It was just a month long volunteer job, but man that thing was a pain in the rear. Next thing I knew, this slowly started forming. The man's name is Feagen (fae-gun), as I eventually discovered, and the girl's kinda me. This isn't so much my masterpiece, but it took me a while and I do consider it to be one of the better things I've written to date. It also is very close to me, and it took some convincing to get me to put it up here. ^_^

The Well-Part One

Daniel Schaub

While in the park I tossed a rock in a well but I never heard it hit bottom..

The Silver Queen- Chapter 1

Rose Edana Rós' Pratt

The beginning, You meet the main character, and find out what she has been doing for the last 20 years. She meets a the prince of the Otherworld.