First Change - part 3

Bryanne Hart

This is the third part of this story. Enter a new character. This was actually finished before any of the other parts because I knew exactly how Jas wanted it to be told.... He's probably the most demanding character I've ever had....

The Unfinished Swordling Journal

Jenna Anderson

I dug through some old stuff I'd written and found this... And after I looked over it I decided to post it up here. Enjoy, and if there are any typoes, please tell me.

wolfe continued.

Mary Parker

this is something I added on to the wolfe thing.

Godhunter XIV: The Great Pack

Jake Diebolt

With Arin, Ysdril, and the captive Casia in pursuit, the Godhunter begins a continent-spanning path of destruction...but not without purpose. As the war among the gods draws to a close, Asgath is eager to strike at G'rell, and Casia's prophecy of the Moon's Fall seems about to come true...

Untitled-Chapter Three

Hali Pinson

i don't really remember what happens in this chapter...and i also don't have a name for it..if you think of something tell me..i'm open for suggestion

Untitled-Chapter Four

Hali Pinson

oooo the drama intensifies!!! LOL i wrote a big word! go me..uh huh i thought of it! sorry, i'm hyper, carry on

Eon--On the Run

Amanda Timmerman

This is the next little bit of the story of Eon from "Outcast Savior".  I don't think it is as good, as the first part stands on its own and this does not, but here it is anyway, in case you were wondering what happened to him.  I hope it entertains you at least a little!

Fitting In

Joey Eckstrom

Umm, yes ... a random little piece done when I was supposed to be in bed ... enjoy ... please give me some suggestions for improvement!

Musings of a Werewolf

Heather Heathen' Wright

Originally yet another prologue, but the story itself never got very far past this point. My bubble was sorta burst when I showed it to a friend, only to have him inform me that the totally cool name of my militant werewolf activist group was the same as the name of some clan of werewolves in an RPG system. *insert bitter and foul-mouthed tirade here.* I knew there was a reason why I never played RPGs - those thieving bleepity-bleeps STOLE MY NEAT NAME . . . that they came up with years before this story even began to formulate in my head. > So I changed the group's name to the 'Followers' of Fenrir, but geez, that's not a moniker that's going to strike fear in the hearts of human and lycanthrope alike. The castle of cards that is my very delicate inspiration crumbled, and now it's just a ramble from a bitter and antisocial werewolf. I still sorta like it, though. Aw, man . . . my cat just sneezed all over my foot.

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (6)

Cly Novak

This is were Maxx is finally forced to come face-to-face with his changing perception of life. He is forced to run away to avoid hurting his friends. In his little day trip, he meets Sisserly, a little drakon who later bears his only son. Her family are rather corny, only because they don't live past this chapter.

Lone Wolf Pt I

Klair Scattergood

This is the story of how my main RP character, Rhomany, came to be who she is today and how she met an elf by the name of Darkblade... (I won't give too much away - you'll find out more about who she is over the next few chapters) It's a co-write with Steve Melka and is meant to run alongside his main character's story. To gain the full effect, you need to begin with Pt I of his story, then alternate between the two. However, both stories will eventually be complete in their own right as well.It's a very ambitious project, especially since it is effectively being 'written into' an established storyline of mine, complete with a lot of background and history... but we'll never know if this format works unless we try it out... The simple route is to just read the parts as a complete story.The complex route If you want to read the two stories as they should be read, here is the order so far:- The Pack Shattered: Pt ILone Wolf: Pt IThe Pack Shattered: Pt II

Silver Bullets

Kirsty Morrison

A story about werewolves. I wanted to write about them and give them a wider pack, a support network like real wolves in the wild. It seemed logical to me.

Thoughts of a Werewolf-Poppy

Jennifer Macvicar

this is part of 5 first-person stories which, in turn are part of a series. enjoy.

Lycan's Curse of Love CH1

Rhianna Joyner

Not sure how to describe this really, lets just say that studying history and a recent battle with my beliefs has inspired some thoughts and a new book, here is the first chapter and prologue have a look.

The Wolf-Boy

Milly Stockdale

A human child, abanoded by his family, and raised by a wolf pack. How will he fare when kidnapped, and forced back into the world from whence he came?

Circle in the Snow

Christoph Seifert

This poem is the first english one I wrote and is inspired by the a quotation from a Robert Frost poem : 'and still I have miles to go' used in a snowy landscape.

The Wolf Pack

Iwan Dek

A wolf pack on the hunt

The WhitePaws

Michael Viar

This is a poem I wrote about a pack one of my many RPG characters is a member of. After talking with some of the people already in the pack, this sorta sprang into my mind. Not my best, decide.

Werewolf: Betrayal

Reetta Järvenpää

And another one. I seem to have a thing for three-line verses. Good or bad, I don't know.

The Fallen Moon: Epilogue

Jake Diebolt

A short epilogue, following the events of the last part of the Fallen Moon. For those of you unsatisfied by some of the loose ends...tough. Life has loose ends, and let' s face it, they're incredibly convenient for continuing the story with sequels. I probably won't continue this right away - and if I do continue it, it won't be totally focused on these characters. I'll be writing a few stand-alones for the next bit while I compile and edit the Godhunter and Fallen Moon into proper books.