Pagan U.

Allan Engle

Two old classmates bump into each other in a bar and start socializing. The night soon catches up to them as the students of Pagan U. begin the hunt.

Summer's Breath

Chloe Gill

This is a very old poem that I wrote a few years ago (that's why it's so BAAAAD!) but just recently re-discovered from the fathoms of my wardrobe (Where my mounds of notebooks lie). It's another one that I wrote for a story called 'Ruthless's Shadow'. It was a story about real witches in real life, based on my experiences practising witchcraft and manipulating the forces of nature. In this story there was a poem at the beginning of every chapter about some aspect of magick in the natural world.

Night's Eye 1: Prologue

Eeva Kulmala

This is the beginning of a story I've been planning for 5 years or so... I have translated it on my own, and as English is not my mother's language, there minght be some mistakes... Tell me if there are some. And please, please, please comment!


Amanda Sutherland

I wrote this while sitting outside a church waiting for my friend (who is now studying to be an Anglican Minister) to finish Easter Youth Service. Mmm... guess my religious preferences!

The Wind and Rain Lullaby (Part I)

Morgan Grover

 UPDATED: 04/11/10I had this story on my shelf once before, so you may remember it if you visit my page often.This story has been flittering around in my head for a bit now. I read an anthology called "The Green Man" a while back (which I HIGHLY recommend) and after finishing it I had a desire to offer my own thoughts / fiction on the topic. And this is that story, or the first of three parts to the story. This is the second update. Those of you who may have read it before will notice the gammar & errors have been fixed up, and I have added a bit. I also decided to take a saga dialog route, which I think will be more interesting within the story. This means that there are no quotes around speech.I have since realized, upon finishing this work, that if I do not sit down and focus on one piece and just write it, it will probably never get done, or taper off in quality. You may notice that with this 3-part story. After writing this part, I went back and edited it, then wrote some of the second, did some editing, fixed the first, more tweaking.... By the time I reached the third part I was tired of it.So, in the end, I decided to post all three parts. I may return to it sometime, but the real goal was a writing exercise for ideas and style, so enjoy what you will. As always, I love to hear your thoughts. I will likely return to this piece after a break, a long break.


Ursula Vernon

Pagan that I am, I had to write this odd little account...a sort of possibility of what happens after death. ('Abydos' is a city in Egypt, but also the legendary cult center of the god Anubis, represented as the funeral mountain.)

The Someone Elses

Amanda Sutherland

I love this poem! My poetry class didn't. You can figure your own meaning to it, I guess.

Keeper of the 7th Gate

Amanda Sutherland

Another poem. Based on the story of the descent of Inanna, who was a Babylonian goddess. You can figure out the story yourself, or look it up somewhere. There are meant to be a lot of sexual connotations to the story, but that is ignored in this telling.

Song of the Pagan

Rachael Shelley

This is a poem that I wrote during History (when I should be taking notes). This one is a bit more spiritual, relying on folklore and mythology from several cultures.

a spell

John Long

This story is about the revenge of a Witch who has been wronged.

The Wind and Rain Lullaby (Part III)

Morgan Grover

The last of this 3-part series. Be sure to read the first two parts first (obviously) and see the into on the first part for more info. You may notice a lack of quality in this last part, which is because of a few things. 1) It has not been edited, 2) It is a quick draft, and 3) I am a bit burned out / tired of working on this story (see why in the first part. None the less, I did enjoy this story, and I learned a few things. It was really nothing more than a writing exercise, like most of my work is, so I'm not too worried about it. I may return at some later day and see what I can do to fix it up. That said, enjoy it for what it is ;)

Hearts of Olympus Series : Rose (Prologue)

Jennifer Black

She vowed never to love a mortal. Her vow did not last long in the face of a devoted, but highly-passionate priest.


Amy Wilbur

'The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.' -- Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf

The Seasons

Kristen Dykes

This is inspired by some of the Pagan mythos about the changing of the seasons.

Dare the moon'

Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

This poem is called a translitic poem. It is 'translated' from a foregin language, although the person has no clue what the other poem says. The title I used was french, and was called 'Clair de Lune'. I somehow managed to get a conversation going to between different gods and goddess' of different backgrounds because htey knew one was decieving the others. And they least suspected the moon because she was beautiful.

The Morrigan

Calijn de Jong

A poem about the Celtic Goddess of War, the Morrigan.


Amelia Greenfield

This is a poem about how 'twilight' came to be, and has been described as 'like an old pagan legend'. Its grown on me, I really despised it when I first wrote it.


Amy Wilbur

'The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who do evil but because of the people who do nothing about it.' --Albert Einstein

A Song For the Goddess**

Heather Nicholson

For the Lady...

The Wish of the Wise Woman

Megan Balanck

Another English task. This is a re-telling of the old folk tale of Hansel and Gretal.