Kristina Cookson

I tried recreating a description I used from an earlier story that is in the possession of Mr. Hill. Well, actually, I wanted to re-write the whole story, but I can't remember enough of it to do that. I loved that story though. Anyway, this isn't exactly a complete story, it's more like and ending of a story but my attempt to write the beginning failed. So yeah, I don't know if this'll ever be a complete story. I think I might go visit Mr Hill sometime after the football managing thing is over so that I can see if he still has my stories.


Kristina Cookson

I wrote this as a 9th grade english class assignment. Yes, I know the ending is kinda sketchy. Honestly, I don't know what happened to Evan. If anybody has any ideas for me, they would be very much appreciated.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Four

Crystel Redknap

Linea does a favour for Erwren.

Just One Wish

Chelsa Dagley

The story of a very special girl, in more ways than one.

Mystery Woman

Chelsa Dagley

kind of an odd short story...

A Spray of Diamonds

Dani Hall

From the eyes of a werewolf...

Race Through the Mirror

Andrew O'Steen

Ugh, another one in the works. Just seeking some opinions, as it's in a somewhat different style. I think i may need to expand it a bit, even though it IS just the very beginning

To Wear The Shrouds: 1-1

Julie Becker

The begginings of a young girl who will met out Justice according to the rules of her bloodline, Justice in blood and pain. ((This story is still rough in my opinion so bear with me))

A Girl's Lament

L. Price

New stuff on my dad and my feelings... hell, if I can't deal with it, I write it. So shut up and read. (Warning, foul language)

Death's Tears Parts 7-10

Leigh Erickson

Well... these would be the darkest most angsty chapters... very angsty... I was NOT in a very peppy mood when I wrote these... heh... keep that in mind *hides* More Garnor and Alranos and the pain of being Death. Eternal thanks to Joelle and Becca for their editing help... oh... and this is the last set of chapters where Garnor was an Elf... anyone who is/was and elf is not a Maiel... but I was too lazy to change it here... when i do the major edit I'll switch that (and the POV problem in here as well... I'm so lazy... should so not be a writer^_~) umm... enjoy? *runs away*

Sinner's Song Ch. 2

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

Continuing after 1. (i'm so good at these intros at the moment aren't I? ~blushes~)

A Grave of Comfort

Brittany Dulay

A poem that was orginally part of the story, 'The Silent Tragedy.' It reveals how Rauvinne just wishes she could be put out of her misery by death's loving heart.


Maria Elmindreda L

Three things I borrowed from the past and intend to carry with me to the future. Three things that make my life worth living...

The Caske

Gina Nigro

More of my Vampire poetry.. god Jasain inspires Me..

mon âme a tourné sombres

Alex Heaney

This poem is part of my unnamed story. One character has been captured be the antaganist and wrote this poem to be born on the winds the ears of his lover.


Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

At the peek of his reign over the galaxy, Lord Tarsik is met with an unpleasant surprise when a new slave girl is brought to him.

The Fall of Troy - Helen

João Oliveira

The first chapter of the Fall of Troy

A Shadow's Heart: Part One

andrew corey

can a shadow feel? can it have a heart?

The Forgotten: Begin

Sarah Hagen

...She sighed dramatically—truthfully, everything about Catelyn was theatrical in the best possible way, “He has returned.” ...

A Long Time Before

Cathin Yang

A long time ago on a planet not so far away, there was peace and happiness. Course, that stuff never stays long and this is what happens...