Her Ways

Heathyr Smith

Just a short little description I wrote of my alter ego in fantasy life, Katiana Steelhart Bourne Nashon. I like this story alot!

The Battle Has Just Begun

Jacob Navarro

In this story, a wizard named Margond and a panther named Cairo make their way to the campsite of a new enemy only to discover that an old enemy still lives.

Brianna (Part II)

Jessica Burton

Part two.

An Old Woman's Photograph

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

A cat and mouse game between a woman and her prey turns to the worse for her, and she has no idea what this foe will bring. It's a western feel set in a jungle. Just felt like doing it, and exploring the major turning point in a person's life while doing so. Not the greatest story, but not bad, either. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments you may have.

Tigran: Shattered Past - Dream Shadows (Prologue)

Salem Pardus

The beginning of the first story involving Tigran. It delves a little into has past, starting in dreams only to shift quickly to the present.

Delilah's Prophecy- Chapter One

Laura Lowes

Thanatos is a dark knight and he's about to be sent on a mission to retrieve King Marquiste's next bride. But retrieval isn't easy, Princess Liyana is being held captive by a dragon called Steele and then there's the fact that he expects to be asked to rid the king of his latest bride as he has had to do with the others and after their long journey back to the palace....well things aren't the same and choices have to be made.


Charlotte Geier

I wrote this one evening after I had spent the day climbing over a local 'rock pile' known as Hueco Tanks. I had climbed into a dry cave halfway up a hill as a rainstorm approached. Suddenly, scenes began swirling through my mind...

Brianna (Part IV)

Jessica Burton

Part four.

Kristy and Rosie

Kristy Carey

I wrote this a while back for a contest at another site,  "A 'Familiar' affair" contest. I'm Kristy and Rosie was actually the name of my puppy, but I'd name my black panther that as well.

Tigran: Shattered Past - Chapter I

Salem Pardus

A simple introduction into Tigran's world and life. Not that it will stay that way for long. Since when does anything not change?

Tigran: Shattered Past - Chapter II

Salem Pardus

When things stay the same for a long time, they tend to change really fast.

Tigran: Shattered Past - Chapter IV

Salem Pardus

If you've read this far do I really need to continue with this?

To Be The Last

Jean Boree

Erm I've an rp char whose both man and panther, charmed by mother nature to help protect her children.. his race having been hunted to near extinction because of fear and misunderstanding, he seeks out one of nature as well who could love both sides and help to unite them and set him free from his curse and help bring back his race so that together they may yet save the people and the creatures of his world. This is for Aily who agrees an elf in the moonlight is a beautiful sight to behold :) and who doesn't mind a story about a sexy fellow who spends some of his time stuck as a huge panther until a magical spell is broken by true love.

A New Dawn

Jamie Chan

I wrote this story for a friend, I hope you like it, I wrote it rather quickly. Any critisms are welcome as long as they have a good reason. Its about a panther clan and the start of the two cubs lives.


Jessica Burton

Written both by and for a wonderful person who showed me not just a new level of my writing.


Zeina Ibrahim

this actually an extract from my future novel....hopefully- which is mostly still a work in progress-. im fairly satisfied with this part but i need some honest criticism, so please dont hold back

The Castle Part II

William Staples

This is a continuation of The Castle.  This would be Part 2.

Legend of Ebony Weisis

Juvela Obi

God gets overthrown, humans steal some of his power, monsters are created, and chaos ensues. *Meh* My normal stuff.A prologue or first chapter to a story that I may eventually end up writing. I rarely come out with finished products, but my initial ideas are usually worth reading anyway.

Nar'ela Anea'Istnofret

Claire Taylor

Let me explain tabletop roleplaying: Dungeons & Dragons. However, we didn't play D&D exactly, we played Rolemaster, which is much better. ^_^ This particular world was created by my boyfriend - it's part of a video game he's been designing for a very long time. Catkin are part humanoid, part cat. This translates to having cat ears (and hearing!), a tail, and sometimes a cat-like nose. They are usually tall and agile with excellent balance, which makes them natural martial arts fighters. Because they are highly attuned with nature and religious faiths, their favored classes are usually priests & monks. Catkin lack technology, and because of their isolation from the rest of the world can be fairly naive. The goal, when we started this run, was to know (and possibly write down) the background of our character so we knew how they arrived at the 'beginning' - the starting point of the run.

The Immortals (Intro - 2007)

Sarah Bellian

This is the introduction to my brainchild (the Chaos Realm series.) If you haven't read it yet, I insist that you do. There's lots to be found on my website (see 'Own Gallery') and more in progress all the time. CR is about a world(s) formed from collective insanity, ruled by a child and populated by all manner of very unique 'people'. Time runs in circles, and as is the name of the game, 'chaos' ensues. Gods and monsters, humans, dragons, demons and other strange creatures live side by side in a realm perpetually balanced on the edge of oblivion. 'The Immortals' introduces the character of Artemis Ravencroft, better known as 'She-Who-is-Behind-It-All'. Hippie dragons, flying taxis and exploding jellybeans, ohmy!