Slave to the Scribe

Adrian Wood

Of candle, pen and paper confined by the mind of the scribe...

Emryss 2 : The Tale of Lilith and Ivan

Alix Fowler

Melana whom we met in the Epilogue is writing a paper for her instructor Chysta while day dreaming about herioc epics, and stumbles upon the tale of Lilith and Ivan


Nielda Ramos

My theory of how an ice dragon can be defeated

The Writer's Hand

Stacy Goll

A poem of writing.

The Rebel's Betrayal

Rochelle Watts

This started with the idea of the world shaking when you touch someone you love. I suddenly thought, what if it wasn't really shaking but just a spaceship docking at the space station you both were on. I know the idea of some rebels and someone, like a king or an emperor, for them to rebel against isn't that original an idea but it worked for the piece. Anyway, read and enjoy.

Find Me

Emma Stephenson

A little story I wrote for english class A girl discovers that bonds can go too deep for comfort

Little Paper Crane

Andrea Stevens

This is a poem I wrote for my little sister a few months back. It shows that magic can happen with a little imagination and appreciation.

Secret of a Full Life

Katrina Constantine

My mother once handed me a brown paper bag and told me to fill it. After that this story tormented me until I wrote it down

Paper Walls

Jordan Galeles

What would happen if we had the chance to change the past? Alter the future? Would you take something back? Just remember... your choices affect far more than you can imagine.

The Papercut Princess

Elizabeth Avent

I titled myself 'Papercut Princess' a long time ago because I kept getting papercuts... and just now thought about how it'd be a perfect Fairy tale! So here it is guys, my very first fairy tale!