Tabatha- pt 2

Nikki Drewry

Tabatha, Part 2 - Return. In which the Cats, having discovered paradise, return home to tell their pride, and discover a nasty surprise. Well, that wasn't a complete spoiler. In any case, I might have mentioned somewhere else that I wrote this for my Senior Project. Not only did I write it, but I illustrated it and bound it in a book. Oh! Illustrations! I've got to put those up in my other gallery! Thanks for reminding me.


Eric Liao

I came up with a really cool idea and wanted to write a poem about it, but I didn't quite do it justice. I'm thinking of redoing this poem, but here's what I had. I really didn't expect it to be this long or steeped in Norse mythology. I've been trying to do some more rhyming, but I really don't like this abab rhyme scheme. If I have time, I think I'd write it in an off-rhyme scheme, like some parts of Rise and Fall, which is probably one of my only poems I'm actually satisfied with. Ok, stuff about the poem now. It's about the world being a paradise and us coming with our technology and screwing it up (again! seems like a common theme for me) but this time with a Norse mythology slant.


Suzannah Carrick

A setting sketch for novel 3

Lamentation of The Fallen Ones:

Niels Rasmussen

The Fallen Angels song when thinking about their lost Paradise.

The Death of Xanadu

Morgan Remlap

I wrote this a long time ago for by british literature class. I had to use a literary reference so I chose Kubla Kahn by coleridge.


sarah-amy haley

Would heaven allow sinners, for the sake of love? Something I sometimes wonder...

Never Lose The Beauty

Jessica Burton

This beauty is real, if you have it never lose it and if you don't: find the right person and the beauty will find you.


Erin Washburn

For love of a child.


Skyler Vonsia

A poem about the innocence of children.

Raamok Tale Chapter 2

Michael Bloome

The story of Raamok and Stacy continues

Tabatha- pt 1

Nikki Drewry

Tabatha, Part 1 - Journey. This is the first part of three, in which the Cats embark on a journey to find paradise. errr... I think this falls better under the catagory of fiction than fantasy. Other then being about anthromorphic cats in another world... there isn't all that much fantisy about it. Thus, I've filed this under sci-fi.

Rise and Fall...

Eric Liao

This is a poem I wrote a while ago. Took me a long time, and it's probably my only poem that's both metered and rhymed. It was originally 3 poems, but I put it together into one. I did make some artwork to go along with it but it's extremely crappy (sigh). I'll try again sometime later.

The World All Before Them Ch 6

B. Landon Hurley

Well, I've finally got chapter 6 typed up, and I've changed the name to 'The World All Before Them.' Enjoy the continuing adventures of Arthur and friends in the afterlife!

Modern Messiah: First Movement

Alexandria Bustion

The equivalent of Chapter One. A bit of backstory on two of the main characters.

Raamok Tale Chapter 1

Michael Bloome

The story of the emotionally conflicted human/demon Raamok and his quest to win the woman he loves

Island Paradise

Tara J. de Forrest

This poem is about a holy girl who's mind, body and soul is tainted forever from the devils of the outside world.

Crying angel

Julia Rill

This is a poem about an angel who has to look at the deeds of the dead to either let the through to paradise or bann them into hell. But this angel is of a softhearted nature. Instead of despising the sinners he/she feels sorry for them and cries about their lost souls.


Emilie Finn

A fable. This story stands alone.

Lost Paradise I

Josephine Rosén

The first part of a long series of stories about the happenings of a small group of dragons in a cruel, futuristic world were they might encounter almost everything. The first part we're we meet FlyFoot and her firends for the first time and even meet the dreaded Brotherhood.

Lost Paradise V

Josephine Rosén

We take up the thread were it left in part IV. Fly has fled from the modified SpikedRidge and when she returns to their camp an unpleasant thing occurs and things take a different turn...