SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....

Loveless Story 2 of 2

Jessica Cannon

The sequel to Loveless Story 1 of 2, where Elizabeth fled the world of the elves after being taken there to help save their lives. Back in our world, she struggles on her own until the elven Darand returns to take her back to his home. This was difficult for me to write, I eventually had to be depressed to be in the right time frame. Alas, it only takes a trigger and my -cat- died.

Gem of Darkness Part1

Katharine Nichols

This is the story of a trio of warriors, Tora, an assassin, Hoturo, a leader of Avalon, and Jaith, a dragon princess, in their quest to save their planet Pardise from the destructive forces of Earth. I hope to turn this into possibly an anime or comic book or something someday. Enjoy!

A Vampire's Tragedy: Five

Roehl Sybing

Chapter Five is somewhat the mid-point of 'A Vampire's Tragedy.' It's difficult to tell you what it's about without giving much of it away, only that if you haven't read the first four chapters DO IT NOW. :)

Roll Call: Chapter One

Roehl Sybing

The first, real, full-blown story of Infinite Earths, the story universe I have been trying for so long to get started on. The story exists out of the same concept of parallel worlds as 'Sliders' but draws from many other disciplines, such as politics, current events and other fun stuff that gives a story realism.

Loveless Story 1 of 2

Jessica Cannon

Something different, because I've been a bit down lately. Elizabeth is coping with her own demons when she is taken to the Elvish realm to help them cope with theirs. This is quite miserable, but second is even sadder. I'll finish it and post it as soon as I get really depressed again.

Career Day

E. Hanna

Anyone ever ask you what you're going to be when you grow up? Anyone who claims to know is lying.

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-prologue

Brian Pennington

SHIFTERS is a series I dreamed up after watching too many horror movies, and playing too many video games. It's got elves, vampires, unicorns, cat-people, and a plethora of other thingums.

P-1 Azure

Karin Mayville

A fantasy romance I'm currently working on along with M.W. In this world, you are betrothed at birth with another that will have the same colored eyes as you. There are only thirteen cities, each surrounded by a wall to protect them from the "Beyond" world that is plagued by giant monsters and creatures called "Insects. Azure is a girl with an unmatchable name sent to match with a prince in a far away town that has an unmatchable name as well. I'd like you to note the themes involved: it's a very "colorful" story--no pun intended! :) Preface and Chapter 1: Mostly character intros.

Species of Sagaa - Scroll 1

Albert Colon

 A small breakdown of the various species formed during the 'Shattering', when Sagaa was manifesting into our reality. More to come in the days ahead... 

Beyond the Glaze of Age (Chapter 1)

Hayoen Capelin

A boy visits his Grandma, but a fantasy world opens up beyond her dressing table. How will he cope with the challenges inside?

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch2

Brian Pennington

Chapter two of the immortals...

AErth - another dimension

Twyla McKee

So many dimensions, parallel universes, etc are believed to exist.  Ærth is one such dimension.  Some people, though not as many as there once were, have abilities that exceed that of normal humans.  This story follows the life of two such people, how they got together, and the lives they touched.

In Session

Roehl Sybing

This is the first story I put up on Elfwood. Obviously it didn't take. I admit I wrote this in a rush and didn't expect too much reaction when I put it up. I kept this story on here as an example to myself and others on how NOT to do science fiction.

Beyond the Glaze of Age (Chapter 2)

Hayoen Capelin

A boy visits his Nan, and discovers a fantasy world. What will this parallel place throw at him?

Twin Moons - part 1

Rebecca Lane

The introduction and first chapter to my Twin Moons story. Honestly I'm jealous of Arianna. :)

Myr~ Chapter 1

Caitlin Veit

This chapter is technically a second draft as I did use notes that were from handwritten pages. It is altered severely, however, and very little is word for word verbatism of the first draft.

Beyond the Glaze of Age (Chapter 4)

Hayoen Capelin

The final chapter of Michael's fantasy world adventure.

Beguile Belial

Carrie Ott

A young, 21st century woman finds herself in a parallel universe guided by a strange, almost schizophrenic man who calls himself Belial. Some of you may already know what Belial means, which may or may not spoil the story for you.Well, this story came to me during my brain-numbing midterm week (as did the story "Taciturnity"). I was thinking about the Snope's dialogue contest (which I didn't enter this year) and thought "'s probably pretty hard to write an entire story with only dialogue and no description or 'he said she said'. Let's try it!" Hence this story is written the way it is.This story is actually intended as a Dramatic Reading - therefore, trust me, it's MUCH better if you read it out loud. When reading it in your head, it moves too fast and it can get either confusing or boring. It just helps to hesitate in the places I've tried to insert hesitation, etc. It's one of those things my speech class would recite.*SPOILERS* - ONLY READ ONCE YOU HAVE FINISHED THE STORY! Drag your cursor past the end of this line to view the spoilers. If you haven't figured it out, the man (Belial) is Satan. I am a Christian, therefore this entire story reflects my beliefs of Satan's future punishment, etc.The goal of this story was to show the final trumph of Good over Evil. I put this here so that you will know that I'm not a Satanist. Obviously not, because Satan dies in the end...Also, the reason Satan is "schizophrenic" in this story is because in the Bible, he was originally an Angel of Light and was very beautiful and might possibly have been the leader of the worshippers in heaven prior to his rebellion when he and those who followed him were cast out of heaven.Therefore, he is trying to be beautiful and appealing, but can not be so for too long because of his evil nature.

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch1

Brian Pennington

This is chapter one of the Immortal Diaries. Each chapter is from a different perspective.