The Nekrosmantian: Empty Handed

Brandy Elliott

The albino Nekrosmantian joins up with a Hekaad who're unkowingly hunting a phantom. Once they're clear what it is they're after, they realize they're going to need her help and so begind the partnership which leads them back into town only to end up empty handed.

Untitled - Chapter One

Kim Moffat

This is a story about the paranormal and some teenagers that are influenced by it.

Fallen Soul (Chapters 1-3)

Amanda McCallister

One soul makes the journey to a life no one is ready for... (this is all I have so far, should I finish it?)

Freedom In Hell, chapter 2

Brooke Schwartz

ahhh the second chapter. of freedom in hell. I hope people will be impressed, cuz i guess chapter 1 was a failure. if you like chapter 2, youve gotta keep checkin in for chapter 3, cuz youll love it.

Truth's Cage (part 1)

Shawn Reed

This is both absolutely true, and absolute fiction. It goes beyond explanation, outside of what lies herein... and transends all genres of literature. It is not finished, nor am I satisfied with it- yet. I offer you this as a warning. It breathes upon you- but until you read it, it has no life. It is my masterpiece, my ultimate experiment of literature. It is deeper that aught else I have written... thus, ye have been warned, my friend.

The Silent One

Shawn Reed

This is probably my second favorite poem that I've written. Who is the silent one? You know.

Vampiric Birth

Amy Murrpau' Chonko

this piece in my eyes shows the reality of what it would be like to be changed into a vampire. the physical body dies so, therefore, does the soul. With the body's death they begin to crave blood(the darker undertone) and then in the end it comes to their realisation. You can't escape it, just embrase it and keep 'living'.


Charlotte Geier

Daring to explore alternate realities during one meditation session, scenes began to pass before my mind's eye of traveling through the vortex of a black hole. Alien beings stared at me from the tunnel walls...


Charlotte Geier

I wrote this one evening after I had spent the day climbing over a local 'rock pile' known as Hueco Tanks. I had climbed into a dry cave halfway up a hill as a rainstorm approached. Suddenly, scenes began swirling through my mind...


Kristen Dykes

This is one of the companion stories to Adrian's Story. Some of it I think is perfect and wouldn't change a word of, other parts I am not so sure on, so any comments would be appreciated.

Moonray's first

Eline Carlsen

The first time captain Fredrick Moonray of the Paranormal police appeares. This was written on a mock exam, and I treasure all the characters. Just have fun!

The Nekrosmantian: Intro

Brandy Elliott

The story of a Nekrosmantian who's fighting against the paranormal entities trying to destroy humanity; all the while trying to keep from being hunted herself.

From the Archives of a Psychiatric Clinic

Fritz Nosbaum

I wrote this story over a bottle of wine and a 'Sisters of Mercy' Album. It was actually meant as a prologue to some longer thing, but I never came round to include it anywhere. Maybe that one day I will? I tried to make the reader wonder whether the bloke's insane or not. Dunno if I succeeded. What do you think?


Robin Hersom

Weird story. It's about a journalist doing a boring job that stops being quite so boring. I honestly felt scared once I'd finished writing this. I had no idea I could do insane people so convincingly. Or at least I think it's convincing.

The Woman in White

Caroline Bennett

A paranormal short story that I wrote for an assignment in my Honors English class. I hope you like it.

Darkness Surrounding Chapter 2

Ira Robinson

Introducing more of the main characters and delving into their relationships together. Continuing the novel I am currently in the midst of :D

Fated: Chapter 1 (Know Thy Fate)

Kathleen Quinton

What would it be like if you knew it all? If your life was mapped out from birth to death, and you knew every major event ahead of time? And what would happen if suddenly the 'Planner' made a mistake?A work in progress, this is the first chapter. Comments are welcome.

Freedom In Hell, chapter 1

Brooke Schwartz

This is the first chapter of my current project,Freedom In Hell(subject to change.)Kind of a compilation of a few dreams, I think youll all like it, it is nothing like my other, oh and if youre looking for action your not going to find it here... wait till the next two chapters though...

Sangre Falls

Sandra Madera

Alexis Adeluna has a secret... She is a vampire. While exploring one of her favorite haunts, she finds a body and discovered a gift she never knew she had. She can see the dead. Now, she can't rest until she finds the killer.

The Dark Side of God

Dee Goree

*WARNING - This is very dark! Please DO NOT READ if you are a gentle or sensitive soul, are very religious, easily offended, or do not like probing the dark and uncomfortable. I do write some nice things, but this is not one of them (this will just make you disgusted and you will hate it)!If you are the kind of person who doesn't want to know if there is a monster under the bed, don't read this. For the rest of you evil folks... come on in, and enjoy, I hope! :) We all have big questions. We all want the answers. Or do we?