Phases of Divinity: Prologue

C. Chard

This is most likely to be revised once I get a better concept of the story line, but here’s the rough draft for now. I know it's kind of confusing, the next chapter should sort out and explain some things...hopefully. Please PLEASE comment! I already said in my bio that I'm horrible at beginnings so I really need to know if this is good or not. Ok? Ok. The title is subject to change...and mostlikely will. Did I mention I'm bad with titles too? *sigh*...

Gone Chapter 1

Erica X. Aumand

Well i have always been like a little princess in my own little world so i wanted to write about one.


Allison Starkweather

Not sure what to say about this one...I wrote it for a contest, and it had to be less than 1,000 words, which was HARD. It's not my favorite, I've gotten better since I wrote it, but it's still a nice little story.

In Quest For (Chapters VII, VIII, IX)

Astrid Schmidt

Another three chapters of 'In Quest For.' Again, there are a few spells, all self-explanatory, but here are the translations in case you want to know what exactly it means. I am doing this out of memory mainly, so I am sorry if I did any mistake in Latin somewhere - I never had Latin in school ;) Elabi ex oculis = to vanish out of sight; Claude = to close; Volatus et vincunum = flying/flight and binding; Debilatio = to paralyze; Coporis Motus = to be in motion; Gladius = sword; Cade = fall

Sleeping At Midnight

John Rivenworth' Yoakum

A boy deals with his fears of the dark.


Katrina Constantine

Have you ever had a friend in need, a friend that you had to help, but you didn't want to get involved? And even when you go to help them you know that they will grow older only to make the same mistakes their parents made? .Everybody has heard at some point in their life they will turn into their parents. To some people this is not a bad thing. To others the idea is terrifing.

A Pointless Death

Katrina Constantine

Ironically, some stories seem to come to me at the most inappropriat times. This story came to me when I was suffering through a church service. Figuires that I would be thinking about death and Dying when the pastor is preaching joy and salvation. Anyway, I personally think this is my best story.

Eternal Dream - Ch. 2-4

Jordan Druid' Rimer

Dael finds that all is not right after his 17th birthday. The girl in white reveals herself to him once again and explains what he must do to save his town from total destruction. also, a might be 'villan' is revealed

mysterys of the ocean 1

Arianne Blake

My first story at elfwood! I wrote it for school. Its not my 100% but its good! Like 86% or something.

In Quest For (Chapters I, II)

Astrid Schmidt

This is my first big story (and the only one this far that I have actually translated into English) that I wrote. It was supposed to be the background story of an RP-character of mine, but because people who read the first two chapters wanted to know what was going to happen with the characters, I kept writing... And those are the first two chapters, the original story.

Dragon Sight

Jenna Brager

This story was originally up on a web site called, but now all you happy people can read it.

It started with a dance...

Maren Aune

The poem is about a girl without friends, who is hated and treated bad by everyone. (Exept her parents...) But, she gets her revenge...

The Lot

Michelle Morrison (May)

This is a poem that I had a great deal of fun writing. I'm not exactly sure where it came from, but it seems to be a mixture of Dr. Suess, a CSI episode I remember watching, and a dark childhood fantasy.

You Can't Fly (Also known as Kristen) part 02

Samantha Fortier

 You will see that I have rearranged scenes from the old version of Kristen and added some new stuff as well. I hope that you enjoy! I rewrote this partly because of my fiction class.

Prologue to Aruna

Zinia Laurence

This is the prologue to a novel I'm writing...hope you like it...please leave comments

Earth Bound: Birth, Part Two

Anna Mortensen

Another Phoenix Cycle inclusion. The dragonkin baby, Cale arrives in his new home. Just a snippet to include in the Earth Bound collection (a sporadic chronicle of Cale's childhood). Introduces his 'parents', Horace and Ann.


Johan Jartelius

Parental guidance of the 20somethingth century. My first upload. Any and all feed back is gratefully received.

Echo chapter 1 part 4

Sam Taylor

the continuation of Echo's past


Kelly McCarthy

A girl of thirteen who thinks her life is boring and filled with normal, picks up a book from the library that changes her whole life. With her cat Wishing and a Wishing Star, Sapphire discovers who she is.

Dad & Mom

Rianna Wong

A Dysfunctional Family,A Broken Home,Parents That Doesnt Love Each Other Anymore,Parents That Left Their Son. What more could Dimitri Mikaelson Carter take? Why is he even on a mission to get his family back together? Love & Life motivated him too.