Of Birds and Dragons

Emily Day

This tiny poem was written at a school Coffeehouse put on by the Creative Writing Enrichment. Fun!

The Blood and Sensuality of Man

Emily Grist

Greek Mythology spoof, but all my original work. Needs some fixing up, so some criticism would be nice. Written on October 9th, 2004.

Chapter 1

Emma K. Simon

This is the first chapter, and really doesn't say much except explain the start of a series of strange happenings.

Chapter 06

Emma K. Simon

The 6th chapter to my story. I'm working on the 7th as you read this, if you have any ideas for a title, I'm ready and willing to listen!

Down on my Luck

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

Driving home from work on day, I happened to read one of the street bums holding a sign up to the stopped traffic 'Down on my Luck, could you spare a buck?' And i laughed, thikning how cute the rhyme sounded, got home and wrote a fractured fairy tale about Lady Luck.

Twisted Fairy Tale

Kaegan Cusenbary

The classic elements of all good fairy tales is captured here: a damsel in distress, a witch, a prince, maybe a unicorn and dragon thrown in. However, these classic elements act anything but normal...with a strong willed princess, a prince with a speech impediment, and a witch that secretly wants to become an author, anything can happen...

The Conquerors

David Daumit

Based on a real life incident, this story will hopefully offer you some chuckles at my expense (better at mine than at yours, huh?).

Vampire Story: Introduction/Background

Ellen Jurik

This is something that's kindof half been floating around my head for a while. I see it as a strong contrast to the Circle books which I am trying to write concurrently, like from different parts of my brain. Lighter tone, though it may not seem it in the beginning! Oh well. I think I explain most of it in the actual thing. Enjoy!

The Siege of Stonehaven

Sean Daily

The destruction of the dwarven hold of Stonehaven at the hands of bloodthirsty orcs is one of the most moving in all of dwarven history, and its chronicle, 'The Siege of Stonehaven', one of the most moving in all dwarven literature. I challenge you to read it and not be affected.

Beauty and the Beast

Grace Miller

The mysterious Master of a castle adopts a child and raises her on his own. A twist on a classic tale.

Beauty and the Beast Chapter Three

Grace Miller

A young girl adopted by the mysterious Master of a secret castle grows up and longs for a life of freedom outside the castle walls. A twist on the classic tale.

Beauty and the Beast Chapter Two

Grace Miller

A young girl adopted by the mysterious Master of a secret castle grows up and longs for a life of freedom outside the castle walls. A twist on the classic tale.

Cat Girl Neko Red Riding Hood

Dean Glencross

The story of little red riding hood thrown into the world of anime. This was done as part experiment, part for the writing course I'm doing. I think it turned out well. Probably needs some more work though. The end seems a little rushed.

09 A tribute

J.N. Betteray

For all you writers out there.

Tales of Altomia: The Box - Chapter One

Skyler Crouse

Lauren Wiseblade was just trying to make his way in the world; namely, kicking butt, and avoiding having his butt kicked. Yes, he knows it's a girl's name. And yes, he would NOT like you to point that out. Follow Lauren's hilarious adventures with the enchanter Jared Starfist and the Takma Hurdill Mimsy, and how a certain Box caused the creation of a mountain. This chapter shows Jared's unusual entrance into the bar of the Gambling Gnome, Lauren's decision to take up the job and the resulting humiliation of trying to look tough. Note: You might want to read A Brief History of Altomia first before you read any of the Tales of Altomia. You don't have to, and it's usually more fun to find out about this strange world I have devised through the actual stories that the history, but, well, MEH. Also, constructive criticism would be just smashing, guys. Once again, a cookie for Shanra for her very helpful advice.


Brianne Hughes

This is a poem, obviously, that I thought up one day while thinking 'What if...' about the origin of banshees. I hope you enjoy.

She Writes About Writing

Brianne Hughes

This is a glimpse into what it's like to be in my brain, sorta. The assignment was to describe your life or an event in your life. I chose writing :)

The Big Book of Logic

Lloyd 'God' Johnson

This is an absolutely fantastic fantasy piece dedicated to Douglas Adams and his remarkable work in his life time.

Chapter Five- Father Nature

Brandon Powell

This is the fifth installment of Shadows of War

The Game 3D1

Jessica Cannon

Six Months In A Leaky Boat: Our brave adventurers venture for more adventure in their private world, chasing pirates and eating Kraken on a mission for the Khan? Will they catch the slavers, or will efficient law men beat them to the punch again? No matter, for they've been paid already! Will anyone find out what sequestered mean, and when they do will they hit Sam and Amber, or laugh at them, spilling liquid through their nose? Another riviting tale of magic and sourcery, and rainbow chunders! Have I been watching too many episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats?