Succubus (poem)

Alison Grills

Originally inspired by the Alice Cooper song 'Poison'. Tweaked a little for presentation here.

The 'Black Horse' Saloon

Ashley Brodie

This is really, really, really a work in progress! it is an extract from a vampire story I am writing. Comment if you wish but it really isn't very good! It reminds me of a roleplay script every time I read it. I'll probably remove all thoughts made by anyone other than Destiny and Max.

Moonlit Exchange

Sarah Crouch

A conversation between a half-Elf and her half-human lover. His speech is on the right and starts the poem, hers is on the left.

Never Look Back 1.1

Charles Trowbridge

Here's the first(short) chapter of my first real written story.


Charles Trowbridge

This is a perfect example of why authers shouldent be rushed. I know I can go back and change it...but...I'm not in love with this peice like i was when i first wrote and, and if i did go back and change it so that it all fit one tense i'd end up draining all of the emotion.

Verses Three-(Love,Unicorns, and Faeries)

Lainey Welsch

Never was quite too happy with the way the first stanza came out. I'm working on changing it. Any suggestions?

Don't die, my Elvin warrior

Brie the Almighty' Stark

Oh, the bitterness of war... Just a short story I thought up; not very detailed, but rather, a narrative of the bitterness of war. I suppose it was inspired by these days, and my passion to write.


Pamela Poté

Kind of depressif and quite passionate I think. It's based on a poem I wrote not very long ago but it turned out darker than I intended it to be.

Sins of Passion ch.3

Shuo Chen

Fanged Kiss

Shuo Chen

*stares at screen stupidly* How shall I introduce this? Just--read and hopefully, enjoy.

Sins of Passion ch.1

Shuo Chen

Chapter 1 of a collaborative piece I'm writing with my dearest friend, Anna Owomoyela, AKA magistrate (not an Elfwood member). We started out wanting to write something surreal, but you can judge what resulted. Enjoy?

Never Lose The Beauty

Jessica Burton

This beauty is real, if you have it never lose it and if you don't: find the right person and the beauty will find you.

Poem - My Rose

Tyranus Malkave

A poem about a warrior singing of his love for a women who has her flaws but he loves.

'Classical Dragon's Lament'

Paul Doyle

This is a poem about a typical, damsel-eating 'classic' dragon who finds himself besmitten with his virgin sacrifice, and therefore in a big dilemma.


Anna Panda' Simmons

This was an assignment in poetry class... to think of what certain colors symbolized... 'Spring Dance' is the revised version of purple, this is red.

Forever Dark

Faraz Gafoor

Here's a more recent piece of writing I've done. It's only a short story, and it takes place a long time before 'Emerging Shadow'. People who read the first stories of my 'Chastdel Chronicles' were interested in the character Keil, so was I. Thus, I decided to probe into his history and this story began to take shape within my mind. I've recieved nothing but good comments about it from over a dozen readers, so I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Passion Rose

Faye Sakellaridis

Third Installment of Passion Rose


Kortnee Bryant

This is a poem about the statue created by Pygmalion... if you're not familiar with the story, PICK UP A BOOK!!!!


Brie the Almighty' Stark

I really don't know what this was inspired by, I just hope you like!

Sins of Passion ch.2

Shuo Chen