Heart of Destiny Chapter 3

Alura Raetz

Part three of my (hopeful) book. In this, the final main character is introduced. Oh, and wondering who that mysterious bearded guy is? Sorry, it won't tell you this chapter, but he will be focused on more as the story progresses. Bookmark this place and check up once and a while.

Arael 's Story (Ch 3)

Courtney Pulnik

Chapter 3 of Arael's Story


Lauren Harden

A story I wrote for a contest. I missed the deadline to enter it, but I like it. Mother-daughter love, and all that sappy stuff.

The King and The Peasant

Heathyr Smith

King Hawke Baran lost his Queen more than a year ago....can he find love again in a poor peasant girl?

The Quill (Part 5)

Julia Gilstein

I've been wanting to get around to this continuation for a while now, so finally here it is. Unfortunately, I lost my original copy, and I don't think the one I rewrote and put on here is as good. I also think I might have overdone character accents. Don't kill me. ^-^ Rhialinne's brother Teren reveals a little about himself here. Update: I fixed one part so the accent is less extreme.

Keepers of the Foolish part 1

Brandon Dees

What happens when you dont heed sound advice? This is what happens Will you pay the price?

Arael (Prologue and Ch 1)

Courtney Pulnik

The tale of Arael Rekulas, a young peasant who is mistaken for a missing prince.

Arael's Story (Ch. 2)

Courtney Pulnik

The second chapter in Arael's story

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 1

Harold Alter

A legendary hunter becomes involved with a peasant girl except as it turns out she's not a peasant girl.

O' to love

Theo W Wallis

An experiment with rhyme scheme, something I am not terribly good at, but it is in couplets...something I can become easily obsessed with *big grin* It also has a *shock shock* moral

Appendix A: Social Structure

Emilie Finn

For those interested, here is a brief sketch of the Lauralian social structure and system of education.

Golden fire, healthy hope

Inger Hognestad

My contribution to the Herscher Project no 12 is based on an illustration of a farmer knee deep in grain, using a schythe to harvest. I immediately liked the picture and the colors, and the story came to me fairly quickly once I started thinking on it. Then came the process of writing it, which wasn't nearly as quick, but still. I'm fairly happy with the result, but possibly the idea is better than the execution. You'll have to judge for yourself.

The Quill (Part 3)

Julia Gilstein

It's no fun to be cast out onto the road, is it? Nor is it fun for people to call you by the wrong name. Why is the book title in giant bold, Elfwood?

The Quill (Part 1)

Julia Gilstein

Here's the overdue continuation of The Quill. It's a little rough, but eventually I'll smooth out the edges.

The Quill (Part 2)

Julia Gilstein

The story continues. *grins* And the plot thickens...

Gelendel's Tale, chapter 2

Whitney Reeser

Gelendel is a slave girl who lives next to the peaceful forest Riverwhite in her small manor with her strict master Lord Aramil. She wishes to get out of the manor away from all the floggings and stress and back to freedom where she belongs.

The Wizard

Karen Crumley

This is something a little different... It just came to me one night, while I was listening to the song Crystal Ball, by STYX. I was so inspired, that I jotted a few paragraphs down...then, went back and revised it trying to make it into an actual story....this is the result ; )

Mistakes In The Dark

Morgan Li

Sadly enough, this is a poem of a child who gets too curious about the dark noises coming from a farm house. He goes to investigate and is overcome by some force to let out the Demonic creature... Now, he has to live with the guilt of being the only survivor of the Dragon's mighty wrath...

Heart of Destiny Chapter 4

Alura Raetz

Another continuation to my story/book/novel... whatever. Now, the adventure begins. Things will really start to get interesting now...

Heart of Destiny

Alura Raetz

A peasant, a prince, a hermit, and a hunter are all torn form their normal daily lives, and thrust into an adventure filled with lies, broken trust, an evil king, demons, and a wizard or two. The story's not finished yet, but I hope to load the rest of the chapters soon, and if I get enough feedback, I may even finish the thing. Oh, and I'd like to give credit to my friend, Mir, who helped greatly with the story characters, and ideas. Love ya, Mir.