C. Corbin

Ok, this is a prologue to a much longer story I'm writing, and it's based on a dream I had. I like it alot.

Reality Check

L. Price

A poem I wrote circa 3 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednsday. You tell me what it's about.

Chapter 8

Opal Parkison

Possibly the shortest chapter ever... Aivren meets some people she wishes she wouldn't need to.

Wings 2 (Crimes)

Brandon Lee

Rush... Rush... Rush... Clash......

Fox - Part 3

Brian Gibbons

The contenued adventure...

Fox- Part 5

Brian Gibbons

Time for fox to contenue

Cult 37 (Poem)

Amy Downum

Moodiness does pay off. This was written in eighth grade at a bit of an emotional time. Emotion, especially depression, does help. I'm so very happy about the Mod's pick, though. Fanks guys!

The Midnight Medallion

Mackenzie Skul

This story isn't finished yet... in fact I have run out of idea's for it... but I'm thinking!! :)

Hall of Lorin

Jillian Kielo

This is a dumb story I wrote. It is a story (one of many) that tells tales of Kings in the lineages of these lands.


Ryan Barnard

This is a long story about a family on the run from a government with no concern for its citizens. Enjoy!

The First Drought

Rebekah Williams

This is the story of the first drought on Earth.

Cardboard Messiah

David Anderson

I get sooo tired of preachy people...

Balancing Powers - Prologue

Lyndsie Clark

The beginning of the story of Lana Lai and her search for The Power. If people like it I'll try to get the whole thing up.

A Fragment

Michael Roach' Janßen

This is a short fragment which I intend to put into a bigger story one day. Problem is, I don't yet know what the story might be about...

The Bringer of Life

Jordan Schotz

A short story about Wind. This was written for a booklet that Gwendolen van der Linde is making. If you wanna write one (it doesn't have to be long) send it to her, or send it to me, and I'll send it to her ^_^


Amanda Williams

Ummm, this was written about a dream I had, a very disturbing one at that.

The Bamboo People

Stephanie Law

Desert Dreams

Nikki Kopelman

Thunder is lost in the desert, until he sees hope, a distant city. Yet he soon discovers that this city is not what it seems. It is home to the legendary people, the S'arn'desrei, who are said to be able to harness the power of the elements and make beasts do their bidding...

Those Houses

Tracey Hoard

this is just a little story i conjured up... ummm... okay... if you want it to be more 'fantastical' make the punk an elf, the hippie a fae, and mexican guy a cute little troll dude. =)~

Beatrice de Longpre

Gwladys Sarie

True friendship can lead an ordinary girl to go in a different world to rescue her best friend.  It is my first text that I didn't write in French and translate in English after.