Shadow Master 1 - Prologue

Ray Valen

 This prologue introduces the two main characters of the story, as well as the mood. Be warned, it's dark and the story will follow suite. (Two pages)   18/05/2011: Submitted

Worlds of Death Part 1

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

A prophet has to prevent her own prophecy.


Denae Hartmann

I had a dream like this once for three weeks.

loony and luis 1 (?)

Alon Samuel

this is a story I wrote a few years ago.I thought it was funny so I put it on. enjoy! I was thinking of making it a series of tories but I'm not sure yet.



Death. (Part 1)

Worlds of Death part 2

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

More trouble for Kolano.


Florence Roh

A phantom still hoping for the return of her beloved...


Laura Soret

Finally, here it is. I promised a story on my Gashir picture, the one about the phantome horse in my other gallery, for those of you who don´t know what i´m talking about. I know it´s not Poe, but be kind: it´s my first take on horror as well. And sorry if the story´s left a bit hanging on the air.

Different Worlds (EDITED)

H Leonard

Worlds is the longest piece of fiction I've ever typed, and finally here it is edited. I took advice, reduced the amount of perspectives, fixed to the best of my abilities the shifting tenses and altered an awful lot. The plot remains the same as it was though. Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially about the shifting viewpoints and peoples opinions on if this is an improvement over the last version or not (don't worry if you haven't read the original please still look this over and comment) The world is one ruled by women with psychic powers, where it is the turn of males to be persecuted. A world where the prophecies foretell of a chosen one who will throw off the shackles of opression, a man with the powers of a woman who will bring about great changes. Here begins the tale... (which incidentally is continued in Other Worlds)


Raoul Meuldijk

A former soldier explains some things about the undead.

Worlds of Death part 3

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

Safely journey the worlds . . .

Phantom's Prison

Laura Boyd

What can I say? It's been done a thousand times, but I couldn't resist doing it myself. I was just always intrigued by the 'Phantom of the Opera' tale.


Megan Balanck

I wrote this for my English class when I was 15. Long time ago, but I still like it.

All Worlds

H Leonard

This is Part 3 of Worlds. Read, comment, enjoy. (Please). Hopefully I'll get it edited by the end of this year. Part four is in the process of being written. Comment and it may happen faster.

Other Worlds

H Leonard

This is the companion story to Different Worlds, it stands on it's own quite happily, though is probably best read after you've read DW (which contains more in depth background information than this). For those who don't know, Other Worlds is a sci-fi story, based in a world where women rule, men are their pawns and the internet is sentient. Thanks very much to A for her constructive comments, and for proof-reading this. There are a few embarassing spelling mistakes (especially near the end) which I'll do my best to remove in my next upload (which should be next week) Hope you all enjoy.



Prologue. (I don't really have any idea how I could turn this into a whole story. Enjoy, I guess?)

This, the Phantom's Opera

Emily Kramer

Erik finally lets Christine go, both mentally and physically.

Phantom (poem)

Esther Buhrman

Inspired by 'The Phantom of The Opera'...The true self beneath the mask...

The Name Changers

James Linde

An story I am stuck on. I am putting it up in hope that someone will comment and my imagination will start firing again.

Red Riding Hood's Axe

Terin Teehan

A product of a weird mood at midnight (as so many of my stories are...) This was done in part after hearing my English teacher shock us with the 'real' meaning of all the old fairy tales...not to mention watching Hammer's 'Horror of Dracula' in a horror movie marathon. While I liked many things about the movie (go Peter Cushing!), I just hated the fact that all the women did was scream. Or worse...just sit there waiting to be KILLED like so many lambs to the slaughter!...uh yeah. Did I mention that I wrote this at midnight?