The Phoenix's Song

Brigit E. Hansen

Pheonix Pheonix Pheonix... Old old old. Destroy destroy destroy?

Winds of Change

Alura Raetz

This is an urban fantasy story that's been floating around my head for a while now. I've finally written some of it down. I felt like putting it up. Tell me how you like it.

The Bird of Autumn

Micheal Yang

The fiery glow of the fallen leaves; A bird that watches from the trees . . .


Vince Price

All good things soar through the air.


Caitlin Davis

I won't go into to much detail, but I love the last character introduced. Sorry for the strange format, my computer stinks at setting up html format.

The Phoenix

Valerie Grabski

Singing the glory of this wonderful bird o' fire.

To Accept Power

Helen Auer

The world of man has been up-ended by the abrupt arrival of magical creatures. Magi are viewed with distrust and suspicion, while unknown forces begin manipulating the fear and hatred between humans and the unknown to come into power. A band of misfits are diven to leave their homes and find themselves with the task of uniting the people and pacifying those from the magical relms.

Scarlet Rose (poem)

Amanda Williams

This is a short little thing I wrote on my favorite of the mythical beasts, the pheonix. The pheonix sings a song more beautiful then you can imagine, and as it's life ends the song become more beautiful and soilitary and sorrowfull. Then as it takes it's last breath it dies in the flames of it's own body. After three days of the undisturbed ashes left behind from it's tragic death it rebirths itself. The pheonix symbolises rebirth and innocents, the innocents that can only be seen after the fire has seered away all of the evil.


Rachel Morgan

This is a prequel to Transformers. You should recognize the main character Atalaya. This comprises of chapters prologue-3. I would estimate this to be about 7-8 pages long. I definately want constructive criticism since this one is my baby. You may notice that the prologue is almost the same as Transformers. But it is meant to be that way.

Grim Pickings CH 2

Kasai Kannuki

Chapter 2 of Grim Pickings: A man, a dream, a terror.

Dream Weavers

Tonya Houser a.k.a. Kenly Sekuri

My best friend, Rachel Warren, got me into doing writing like this. I'm not sure what it's classified as. I'm not even sure where it came from... Well, let me know what you think.

Fire Within

Juvela Obi


Nilud's Struggle

Laura Biles

I really don't have ANYTHING to say about this story other than I really enjoyed wtiting it. Most was done in tech class. Recently I have added to this.

The great Fantasy Ball

Aarani Kandaswamy

A poem I wrote, while an autoclave boiled

Dark Roads: A Prayer

Natalie (Gerie Aren)

One more to the 'Dark roads'...


Deanna Sartin

Based on the creature, the Aquabird which my friend Emily created for a story of mine a few years ago.It was created as the opposite of the pheonix, being born of water and ice as opposed to fire. It has icey crystal feathers and uses the reflected rainbows to hypnotise its prey into a happy oblivion before, well, eating it.Otherwise, it is a friendly creature, usually living at high altitude to prevent it from defrosting. One of a kind, it is reborn from waterfalls :)

Dark Pheonyx Rising

Storm Blakley

'...though betrayed and murdered most foul, her spirit persevered, to once again wreak havoc upon those who decieved her...' i had a lot of fun with symbolism and imagery, and i think it turned out pretty good. i'd love to make a painting of this one.

Fire Wings: Chapter Three

Jordan Schotz

I wouldn't mind having a picture of either a Phoenix or Dragon, so if there are any willing artists out there, then lemme know ^_^ Also, to understand most of what happens from now on, you must read 'The Elements'.

Pheonix Lock

Juvela Obi

I had this dream a while ago... It involvedĀ a place called Haven, surrounded by an empathic force shield. Kids who are hunted for possessing a misunderstood form of magic can get through because they meet the emotional requirements, average people who don't meet the requirements effectively hit an invisible and impassible wall, and evil men who hunt said children die on contact with the shield.And this is a bardic song I wrote describing it.


Erin Carter

During Creative Writing my senior year we were told to write our own epitaph. I like it, one day it'll be on my headstone (but lets not think about that yet)