To Those Who Wait (End)

E. Hanna

The conclusion of a long wait. Thanks to everyone fro reading my little story.


John Ingebrigtsen

Something I wrote whilst in a rather darkened mood. A philosophy upon life that has a rather grim twist to it. What is scary, is that a lot of people so far have identified with it.


Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

Image is about everything. You just have to find the hidden meaning to realize it.

God's Nap

Sarah Berling

What would happen if God's ever vigilant watch was relaxed? What would happen if He decided to take a nap?

Fallen Soul (Chapters 1-3)

Amanda McCallister

One soul makes the journey to a life no one is ready for... (this is all I have so far, should I finish it?)

Mindful Mindlessness

Amanda McCallister

Even the most mindful of people can lose it at times...

The Three Lost Virtues

Stephen Rahmann

For anyone is interest in just 'what' the Three Lost Virtues are they are listed below

Truth's Cage (part 1)

Shawn Reed

This is both absolutely true, and absolute fiction. It goes beyond explanation, outside of what lies herein... and transends all genres of literature. It is not finished, nor am I satisfied with it- yet. I offer you this as a warning. It breathes upon you- but until you read it, it has no life. It is my masterpiece, my ultimate experiment of literature. It is deeper that aught else I have written... thus, ye have been warned, my friend.


Tim Davis

This story was written one day when things had not been going my way and I had just finished watching a documentary on war.

Contemplation (by Jill O Connell)

Jill O Connell

This was a story that came to me during exam time for college.okay I was dead tired, feeling really relaxed and soft and kinda dreamy in a coldish arts block on my laptop.thats the mood i was in for this and i hope you can see where its coming from.also i was listening to my immortal by evanescance and hold me by anne while writting so there you go (: enjoy

Tides of Time

Laura Chase

Went into another metaphysical/philisophical mode. What do you think it means?

Career Day

E. Hanna

Anyone ever ask you what you're going to be when you grow up? Anyone who claims to know is lying.

Faerin's Dream

Aurélie Scarborough

An immortal faery and a mortal human discuss what life is.

The Dance of Freedom (pages 1-5)

Shawn Reed

Alright... These are the first five pages of The Dance of Freedom, my primary fantasy story. It's one of the favorite stories I've written, and I'm going to keep posting it five pages at a time. (I apologize in advance for the suspence) Well, who knows? Maybe I'll pick up some hardcore fans along the way! ;P Please, enjoy.

Convent Reflections

Shuo Chen

'Nuff said! Well, this one almost has a political side to it...

The Looking Glass

Francis Sutanto

This would be one of the short stories that I'm fairly satisfied with, though it will always be open for change depending on my whim. The entire inspiration for this came from an odd daydreaming session I had during school (yes, how bad of me to do that) when I 'heard' a voice telling me this entire story, which I wrote down as faithfully as I could at that moment. Yes, I hear voices every once in awhile, but what writer who has strange characters doesn't? Ah well, enjoy and leave comments!

Earth and What Became of It


A look into God, remorse, sorrow, and other melodramatics.

Why Exist ?


A (human) clone being awakened at age 25 explores free will


Vanessa Merritt

Is becoming eternal all it's cracked up to be? An immortal and a human try to discuss love and difference.

Light Within Darkness

Betsy Johnson

when you feel down, as if it is your darkest moment... look up to the sky