The Silver Feather(Chapter 3)

Christina Corneli

The youthful Elf is given the eternal gift of a Silver Phoenix�s feather, this has been passed down, apprentice after a apprentice till it falls into the hands, quite literally, of the one person, who can lead a army in to darkness, and erase all the hate between the races

The Spider's Treachery

Dalyn Walton

This is the second chapter of my Battle school story. I've choosen not to switch characters around anymore, the ones you saw before are the ones you get now.

Shadow of the Phoenix: Introduction (Rain)

David Hendershot

This is the introduction to a story I started long ago. I have a little more done, but there will need to be a lot more editing before I create another chapter.

No Regret

Dee Patterson

A brief look into the world of my newest creation, 'No Regret'. The story itself isn't very far past the planning stage, but I was inspired by the song 'Hello' by Evanescence, and this is what came of it.

Ferenether and the King of Songs

Wong Seng

I drew inspiration from alot of things. The gathering of other birds' songs is something the Lyrebird does very well. But the story mostly is inspired by all creative persons, whom I feel, is sometimes the human version of...singing for a mate? Perhaps. The ending is not here yet. I really like the idea of putting a unicorn's horn onto Ferenether in the illustration. I just hope nobody has already thought about it >.> <.<

It Soars

Allyson Yearry

This is a poem I wrote awhile ago, that got published in my High School's literary magazine, 'Mindprints'. I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Phoenix Saga: Of Books and Friendships

Abbey Fitting

Phoenix 3 (sorry nothing new) changed a little, re-formatted the text. It looks different at least...And before you ask, i'm not sure yet...

Phoenix of the silver skies

John Fletcher

Well i have this half elf half phoenix char who i really like so i decided to write about one of his past incarnations...

Lady of Scarlet Hair

Kelley Harris

Life is not worth living without love, especially if the one you love doesn't even know you exist... This story is very short with not much detail to the characters. Different from my usual to keep focus on the simplistic plot.


Katie Hallahan

The beginning of a story about a woman named Kaedra and her love, Simon. It begins with the attempted righting of a city government, which ends up going horribly wrong...


Kirstin Linnenkoper

It's about a phoenix' life.

The Phoenix Arrow: Prologue

Amanda Robinson

Kalika, wielder of the Phoenix Arrow, a weapon born in the fire of pure magic. It grants luck where it will, and always, has remained loyal to her. But it creates its own kind of luck and not even she comprehend what it is giving her. A tale of luck, fate, and the inevitable.

Death of Evolution, Creation of an Enigma, Chapter 3

Lacie Scott

The third installment.


Lucy Müller

poem... I did it long ago. and I think it would make a great picture...

A Walk in the Woods

Rosie a.k.a female fred

I was bored one day, so I painted a picture of a phoenix, taking as my reference point a crimson topaz hummingbird. I then thought 'hmm.. I want to write something,' and this is what occurred

The Cursed God (poem)

Kate Anderson

One of my favourites. Just about if a god needs his people

Thunderstorms and phoenix fires

Carly M. Bell

A poem about the death of a phoenix, instead of the birth of one...

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 21-24

Ann Baker

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 21-24

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 11-15

Ann Baker

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 11-15

Night to Day

Stephanie Schauer

A poem I scribbled out when I considered joining Elfwood