Matthew Ward

This story is about a women that is born again as an alien.

Nightstalkers 61-70

CHAN Chih Lancelot

my project of story and music

Nightstalkers Music Synopsis

CHAN Chih Lancelot

It's about the music of the series.

Nightstalkers 21-30

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, the story of my life.

Beauty and the Beast, 6-8

Carmel Shachar

The plot thickens...the storys grows... who are the couple in the portrait?


Christine Choquet

It's acually meant to be read in a drawing i made. (can be found here : ) In no particular order. It works no matter how you read it.

Nightstalkers 41-50

CHAN Chih Lancelot

My project, ok???

The Making of Nightstalkers

CHAN Chih Lancelot

The behind-the-scene of my novel Nightstalkers.

Portrait of Agony

Kelsie Elizabeth

Another dark story...maybe this is all that teen angst stuff I've been hearing about. I had this image in my mind I wanted to draw, but my artistic skills fell far short, so I decided to write it instead. April 2003 1/2 pg

Pebble of the Gods

Rowen Poole

This is a micro-story that was inspired by a picture of a pretty woman in a magazine.

Chapter 2

Corrina Brass

Chapter 2

Chapters 3 and 4

Corrina Brass

Chapter's 3 and 4

Chapters 9 and 10

Corrina Brass

chapters 9 and 10

Chapters 13 and 14

Corrina Brass

chapters 13 and 14

Chapters 11 and 12

Corrina Brass

chapters 11 and 12

chapter 3 - Destined to die

David Park

This chapter is about the 'day' before the war breaks out

chapter 4 - the sacrifice

David Park

The death of two guardians

Nightstalkers 31-40

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkres, my story and music and stuff..... enough saying

Nightstalkers 71-73

CHAN Chih Lancelot

My life story... in fantasy disguise

Nightstalkers 11-20

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, my life story.