Phaedra, a story...Chapter 1 Remote Memories

Laura Cristescu

The main character is Phaedra, an alien girl, around the age of 20. As far as she knew she was the only one of her kind, and didn't seem to mind. But after the death of her adoptive father things started to move in a strange direction.


Cory Teshera Sterne

I'm not terribly fond of this - the language is a little stilted, and it isn't even close to who these characters really are, but I love the story so much it's worth working on.

The Fight for a New Home- One

Anja Francina

A young fighter Pilot starts the journey of a lifetime with five friends in order to save earth from alien invasions.

Nova Pilot

Danny White

Sam, a new pilot fresh from acadamy, arrives on the Nova for his first tour of duty

PUMA test

Dylan Bruns

A test of a mech suit, that gives you a glimpse of the politics of the future.

Snapshots of a Commander - Part 3

Adrienne Romani

A character development piece for Leawyn Brock. This one delves into her past a bit, as I try to figure out her motivations behind becoming a fighter pilot outside of the excuse of 'because my Uncle Charlie was one'.

No Sign of Industrial Activity

Lance Greenlee

A young pilot assigned to a remote airfield, an attractive commander, a routine surveillance mission on a world where animal genes have become mixed with human… what could go wrong? 

M.A.R.C. Introduction

Joel Schmidt

A hasty introduction to a plan I've been thinking about for a while now.  Can't seem to get the feel quite right yet.  It's a first draft, so tear into it at will.

Pilot 110639

Steven Karabelas

 Short story based on an abandoned planet. Set in a world of intergalactic war my aim was create a short story, but it remain/seem part of something bigger. The main focus of the story is an unnamed pilot who is trapped alone, and on the verge of going insane on a planet with no intelligent life (think i am legend)

Launch of Naiad Sulis

Valerie Higgins

The correct title of this poem is 'Stev Rowlands and the Naiad Sulis' which is slightly too long to fit in the title space. A poem about the launch of the first manned interstellar spacecraft and her pilot Stev Rowlands

Red Level: Paul Stanton

Deborah Sax

Welcome to the 31st century...

Where and back again?

Matthew Walker

A fun little humorous Sci-Fi story that I wrote one day when I was bored. The title is a deliberate play on the other title of The Hobbit.

Snapshots of a Commander

Adrienne Romani

A few short character development pieces for Commander Leawyn Brock from my United Armies of Clesia series.This consists of 4, very short pieces that didn't really warrant four seperate listings.

Snapshots of a Commander - Part 2

Adrienne Romani

A piece of character development fiction for Leawyn Brock. Short, sweet and simple.

Preamble to Oblivion 02 - 'Seeds of Autumn'

Bristien Havenaar

A short story about a man named Ivan, leaving home to fight for his way of life.

Kamikaze Love

Elizabeth Holloway

A story of failed love and bad communication. I wrote this for english class.

The War of Evelon- Chapter One

Gene Erno

Westdale Downs The opening chapter of my book in progress. Gawain Wellington takes the reins in her brothers stead, to pilot the number 16 chariot in opening day of competition.


Anna Ångel oƒ †he Ab¥ss ) Zorawski

As I drudge along this miserable world I feel devoid of life... damn writer's block ! I just have to force myself to keep writing. New edit up soon! Hopefully..