E. Hanna

Amanda M. Howard told me that the best presents are not bought but made. I wrote this as a birthday preset for a very special lady.

Pirates 'I: Escape'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

Pirates '3: The Humble'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

Nydia of Argeth Chp 6

Samantha Draut

Nydia's world gets turned upside down when the truth about her past is revealed. Will she be able to fulfill her destiny and fulfill the dreams of her heart?

Journey Part 05 - The Ball

Al Howe

Of course not so surreal can be strange too, especially as power grows.

Chasing a Legand

Jacquelyn Dunlap

A pair of friends go on a quest in the Caribbean for an old pirate treasure. The treasure, however, has a terrible curse upon it.

Meet the Amazons, VI

Katherine Burt

Awwww, the story slows down and we have a nice moment between Shannon and Rose- don't worry. We'll be back to doing piratey things next chapter!

Pirates - 2

Ben Brannan

The second chapter of my pirates story! Yes, yes.. I know. There's no fantasy elements in this one either. But the next one! I promise. I got it all planned out ;) 2,612 words, 5 pages.

Through the eyes of an evil henchman

Luke Coulter

An evil pirate gets kidnapped by an even more evil dragon.

Bk 1 – Nancy and the Ferrets, Ch 5

Scott Miller

Bot Story takes place in a virtual reality environment, in a tiny world called SkunkWks. Book 1 is an introduction to the main characters of the series. Rated (a mild) PG.

Chapter 2--Mandatory Volunteering

Matthew Shaw

Dren is invited with leverage to pay Fernando, the mayor of Espalia and a retired pirate, a visit. But when push comes to shove, Dren finds himself agreeing to an offer he can't refuse

The Legend of the Rocks

Alison McKenzie

A pirate spends the last few moments of his life clinging to the rocks along the coast and reflecing on his life when suddenly someone shows up to change save him or to kill him, he doesn't know... he doesn't even know if it's human...

Profile: Sci Fi Hero

Michael Volpini

same as before,this time in a sci fi setting, hope ya all like it

Ari 4

Rachel Allender

Ari's life revealed

Super Nuisance and the C.E.P.

Joshua Price

I would say this is the best of '04 for me. I don't recall the exact date, just that it was written in '04. For a long time I considered this as one of my better pieces. In the humor genre, it still is, considering I only have two if you include this one, or three if you think The Null and Void Tavern is (nobody will ever know for sure, not even me). Otherwise, its not so good, but its still pretty funny. Some minor things have changed with a couple of the characters since I wrote it, but not much.

Fool's Bounty Chapter 1: The Thief

Serena Loder

Fool's Bounty is a pirate adventure story set in a fictional version of our world which has vast unexplored lands and is in the golden age of pirates. It may not appear as much of a "fantasy" story at first, but I assure you, it will definitly read so by the end. Small clues about what's going on are scattered throughout the story, see if you can pick them out before it's revealed!Not much pirating happens here in the first chapter however, we are simply introduced to our main character, the titular thief, Raum.

Fool's Bounty Chapter 2: Eternity

Serena Loder

In the second chapter of Fool's Bounty the pirate ship Eternity and her crew make an appearance, and we see how well our main character Raum will fit in.

Chapter One: Wanted

Ashley Nixon

The last place Barren should be is in Maris, a port town with a government notoriously against pirates; the noose around his neck only solidified that fact. As Barren awaits death at the hands of his brother, William Reed, the last thing on his mind is the afterlife. At this moment, Barren’s only concern is the map he doesn’t have— a map to his father’s lost treasure. This treasure, however, is not what Barren expects. It is not gold or silver, jewels or pearls, but a terrible weapon of dark magic, forged in an attempt to kill his own father. Years after his father’s death, the device still lives… and kills. Barren must find it and destroy it in order to save his wife and the entire Elvish race, but destroying a device of dark magic only proves to be more difficult for Barren, especially when a curse of death comes over any who succeeds in destroying it.

The Eureka Chronicles - Prologue

Victoria Jackal' Bean

Welcome to Eureka...a land where anything can happens and usually does....

Fool's Bounty Chapter 3: The Captain

Serena Loder

In the third chapter, Raum gets to know the pirates he's gotten himself caught up with, learns of his duties, and starts getting some information on this mysterious treasure that they're seeking. He's not exactly the best team player, but in this situation, he doesn't really have a choice.