Mithandrale, 1st installment

Emily MacKenzie

This is the first chapter of a novel which I have been writing for a long time, and have got quite a lot further with than I usually do. i can really see this one going somewhere, but i'd love to know what you think of it and whether or not you'd like me to post some more up.

Mithandrale, 2nd installment

Emily MacKenzie

the 2nd installment of what i hope is to be a long-continued tale...

Reap What You Sow - Ch1

Rebecca R. Lally

It looks like Joss's trigger happy ways have, yet again, landed her in deep trouble. But does Joss realise just how deep her troubles are??

In A Dream State, Part 4

Elizabeth Avent

Lots of action in this one, kinda short... but I want to build suspence... how'd I do? Yes, highly confusing and alot of stuff going on all at once... but of course... everyting will be explained in the next part.

Mr. Picky

Elizabeth Avent

This story has Dark Fairy Queen in it, a character that will appear alot in my writtings, I stoled her from Natalie Batsch!!! hehe. (Yes, I asked first.) Well, This really does actually have a meaning to it... I know it's rather long... I got carried away with my character. I think women will find this funnier than men... so *warning* don't yell at me, okies? It does have powers in it. Well.. read with caution!!! Yes, it does get *kinda* confusing, but hopefully not too much!

Death of Evolution, Creation of an Enigma, Chapter 3

Lacie Scott

The third installment.

Fair Folk Song

Kathryn Aliwoode

A little song about the fair folk

Dreaming in Metaphors: Background

Jaime Lyon

Some background info and character profiles from 'Dreaming in Metaphors'.

TMC - Part 1 - Chp 1

R.E. Kankaanpää

The long-awaited start of my *THE* story... Troll&Mermaid&Centaur. Yeah, yeah, the name needs work. But here is the beginning and it's not quite as good as I hoped! ^^ I'm confident something can be don about it, though, so no worries. (mate)

Ginger's Tale: 2 : A Crippling Blow

Seth Borer

Another piece of Ginger's Story. . .but not the whole story. . .

Ginger's Tale: The Closing Scene

Seth Borer

The ending, but I haven't written about the bogs of Triga, hundreds of battles, injuries. . .and what drove Ginger mad. . .

Elfsong Part 24

Daniel Peak

As Mathius takes on Hagan for the fate of Linsharra, Fayn and her companions must deal with the staggering revelations about the true nature of the mysterious power she now wields, but is the burden too much to bear?

Learning To Be

Dana 'Pixie' Fraedrich

This is just a really cheesy story about an emotionally broken prince and the presumed last survivor of the Pixie race. Very cheesy and hastily written. Don't judge me...

Deep Mountain Times are Changing

Christopher Cosby

Deep Mountain Times are Changing Times are changing for Deep Mountain. But can it weather the change? Gimil, Thimil and Timil, dwarven brothers are certainly trying to do so. Ultimately, the three brothers must quest for a dragon to save the mountain.

She Sings While Walking (Poem)


This poem is from the perspective of Death as she walks through the land on a day in late autumn.

Butterfly Girl

Amanda 'Selphie' Gray

A tragic love story.... of an Elf and is Pixie lover actually...

Reap What You Sow - Ch4

Rebecca R. Lally

Lomax may think that he is having a bad day, but nothing can compare to what Joss is about to discover. And, unfortunately for our girl, things are about to get a whole lot worse! Note- this one gets a little icky... You've been warned!


Alisha Dean

A poem used by a fairy to enchant a human.

Boris the Purple Ladybug

jessica decker

How the Fair Garden Fairies would have helped Boris the Purple Ladybug find his innet fairy.

Pixie Reverie

Eryn Rose' Wilkens

This is the 1st character description of what i hope will be many. Written in 2001.