The Fulibee and Me

Benjamin Martlew

This was greatly inspired by Lewis Carroll, and I just wrote it down right away. It was intended, I suppose, for children and adults who don't want to grow up. For my love ;)

Pixie Time

Victoria Phillips

Michievious pixies... enough said.

The Backyard People's Party

Joanne Hanrahan

Cody is growing up and it's time for him to say goodbye to the little people who live in his backyard. Before he goes, they give him a present.

Anya meets Pixies

Curtis Hunt

This story is a short story written by me (of course), that is the beggining (first story) of my 'Adventures of Anya' (working title) series that I'm working on. (Any characters, and some races or characteristics of races (like the Pixies' glow) are my own, please don't steal them. Thank you)

Deep Mountain Times are Changing

Christopher Cosby

Deep Mountain Times are Changing Times are changing for Deep Mountain. But can it weather the change? Gimil, Thimil and Timil, dwarven brothers are certainly trying to do so. Ultimately, the three brothers must quest for a dragon to save the mountain.

Death is a Dragon

Ruena Houck

A poem telling the story of the misadventure of some pixies.


Oana Taylor

Have you ever stopped to talk to a fairy?

Guardian of Aloria (chapter 2)

Stephanie Walls

Yeah.... pretty much the same thing. Nothing unusual. Please, leave comments.

Guardian of Aloria (chapter 3)

Stephanie Walls

The third part to my story (but certainly not the end.) You hopefully know what has happened so far.

Refrigerator Pixies

Laura Korska

I don't know what I was thinking. Really.

Pixie's Touch

Aubra Penner

This is another 'freebie' I wrote for someone out there... I still hold copyright to these, though! The main character turned out sort of psycho, but oh well.

Chapter Two ~ Small Riddles

Joe Thorn

Ara finds herself looking for the elves in a large forest.


Hannah Frye

So there is this elf who is an assasin who becomes the body guard to GEP which are Genetically Engineered Pixies. And she is a GEE (samething but not pixies. elves) And so on. Ok, there might be typ-os but, what ever. Deal ok? And I have to give credit a friend who helped me with this idea. Enjoy!

Paranormal- Chapter 1

Erika Neumann

A story about a sixteen-year-old girl, who has yet to find herself, as she guides her family to safety. Besides that i like 2 hav songs that portray my stories i feel it gives them backround, so when i write stories feel free to put songs that would go good with this story!

When Every Single Person Sleeps...

Victoria Ashton

Poem - written 2004 just something i was thinking about when i couldn't sleep...

Midgets Vs. The Pixie

Dana 'Pixie' Fraedrich

This was an assignment for my 12th grade English class. We had to write an epic, so I wrote an epic based on a really long and involved inside joke between me and my church youth group. It's just silly and fun. Hope you like!

Once Upon a Time

Sarah Liu

This was a poem I wrote just for fun, about all the fairy tales I could remember.

Death of the Magic

Rebecca Lane

Written a little hastily after a nasty discovery, this is basically the story of the woods outside my house. Everything is based on what actually happened, minus the talking trees and pixies, of course...

Pixie Light

David Beaver

A classic story of an old wizard living by himself in the woods who discovers mischievous Pixies in his home. They just mess everything for poor old Martin, but will he find an unexpected from this mess?

On Cows, Fences And Pliers

Jeanette deBoer

Written shortly before Christmas, 2002. Mischievious pixies and cows do /not/ mix.