Mike Marsden

Evol seeks a way to destroy the demon plague

Chronicles Of Chaos ~ Prolouge

Shane Edwards

The ominous and shady Emperor sits in a stolen throne, and a mysteroius man has brought news to him of a prophacy. Mean while, the Plague Master is ordered to start a new war that will cover The Land

Her Blood (short story)

D. Hendrikson

When a plague threatens Kingsland and the Greylands, both sides will do anything for the cure. That cure is locked in the blood of a young girl, the only creature to survive the plague yet. The side that gets to her first will win the war...

Chapter Two: The Wellman's Plague

Brianne Hughes

Continuation of my 'Prologue' and my 'Chapter 1: Meet the Family'

Occult Cases

Henrik Lerdahl

OK, I usually don't do sequels to my stories, but since 'The Investiagation of Enquirer Rotier' became so popular I was tempted. Some people asked me to write more about him, and my first thought was that this would be hard, seeing as the main character has no personality to speak of. But my mind started working on the idea, and here is the result. Now, firstly, this story ended up almost twice as long as the previous one. Depending on how you wiew my writing, this may or may not be a good thing. Secondly, this time I plunged down into dark, icky horror. I'm afraid that this story won't measure up to the predecessor, since they are completely different flavor-wise, but I hope it won't be TOO bad. If you haven't read the first story, don't worry. I wrote them to be entirely independant of each other.

Spinning Chosen

Danielle Agar

This is a seed of a novel, the base idea of which I thought was brilliant. However, when I went to write it, the well of inspiration petered out fairly quickly. This is another ditty for myself that I have every intention of getting back to someday.

The Hush

Melissa Richardson

'The Hush' came to mind when I was listening to a remix of a Metroid song someone had let me hear; I just kept seeing this in my mind.


Ryan Morini

This is the fifth of at least eight or nine proposed incarnations of this medieval zombie story. It doesn't get many comments, and deservedly so, I think; it has its moments, but this version is particularly inept in a lot of places. I may yet actually write out and finish a draft of this story some day, but likely a different permutation of the concept than the one displayed here.

Changelings: Chapter 1

Kathryn Roth

I started this a couple years ago after I had a very vivid dream involving a deadly viris, and I've only just started chapter 2. Basically the rundown of this story is a plague has hit the world and is killing everybody it infects except for some young people whose DNA is somehow bonding with the virus. They end up mutating in some form or another (not always physically). A government-supported agency decides to subject them to tests in order to find out why the virus is bonding with them (and on the side they want to make them weapons, of course).I still don't have the whole plot straight in my head so there's loop-holes.I hope you enjoy it anyway :) feel free to give me some pointers. Thanks.

The Adventures of the Sensational Six, 'Voices of Darkness,' Part 1

N. Henry

The Sensational Six find themselves summoned to the tiny village of Ramvordia by a mysterious figure writing about 'Spirits of Darkness.' Are the spirits something even more sinister than the legends entail? Are the Six in over their heads?

War Within

Jimmy Knioum, Jr.

Part three of 'Two Paths.' We meet Dominic d'Boniface, at war on behalf of his brutal father the Duke, against peasants in rebellion.

The Story of the Nemesis (4)

Cly Novak

This is the fourth entree. This is where she meets her life long friend, Plague Scar, the adopted father of several dozens of cubs later on. He hasn't met with Hellcat yet (she's not even born yet). The end pretty much gives away the next entree. Sire chokes on raisins, but doesn't die, unfortunately. No, he's not dying for a little while longer. I'll eventually get back to writing it, one of these days. (*goes off and daydreams*)

'Sodaka' Ch. 7: Black Coat for a Blue Plague

Kristin Willoughby

Brock in his early teen years. He rises in the healer hierarchy and several plot-y things are introduced. We also get some introspection on Sirius and his relationship with Brock, as well as the creation of bound creatures. Please review! Tell me what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, and what I need to stop doing. The whole reason I'm posting this story is so I can get feedback on it--I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.

Rider of the Apocalypse

William Holley

A battle outside a small town between the hero Paladin (Ederan) and one of the riders of the Apocalypse, Plague.

'Z' zone wizardry school. chptr 2

Paul Valley

Continuance of chpter 1

The Neverless Empires- Chatpeter 1

Sarah Hagen

And this, this is where the story begins, a tale woven of darkness and hatred that plagued lands, and whole continents, and destroyed them where they stood. This is the tale of Eden and Daeva.


Sarah Hagen

Once upon a time, The End. Darkness can hide nothing when the very enemy you face is darkness, something purely evil that grows off fear and all malevolence associated with its shadowy invisibility.

the rats are innocent

Mariya Mitkov

Everyone thinks that the rats started the black plague, the disease the swept accross Europe and killed about of third of it's population. Well, here's a different theory.

Taro's Journey, part 2

Melissa Carter

This makes slightly more sense than part one. Okay, pronunciations! Kurayko - koo RY koh Seladonae - sell a(like in 'hat') doh NAY Kiamika - kee AH mi ka Teaasha - tee AH sha

Clouded Skies: Prologue

Alexa Hendrickson

Long long ago...when mists and magic existed...