The Bearer of Stone and Thought

Christa Nopp

A story about a tiny stone and a tiny thought.

The Fey chap. 2

Alyssa Ullmeyer

Lara and Kirrin have begun to trust each other, and Kirrin's son returns home. Oh...and I realize that I haven't named Aeric's horse yet. I'm having trouble there. Any suggestions? (I can only refer to him as for so long... :-) )

Brethren - chapter 2

Neomi Geva

The second chapter in it the four begin to formulate a plan and Diana meets the imprisoned prince. This is the last chapter I will post here. If anyone is interested in reading the rest just e-mail me at

Halls of Fate intro

C. Raynor

Sometimes the halls of fate have things far different in store than what people plan...

A New Evil

Nicole Russo

First encounter with a new evil. This follows, in a way, 'Mercenary's Link.' It gives another display of Raynen's Elemental abilities, and a teaser of what Cross really is.

Symaira: Chapter nine

Sarah Kerr

Eleanor discovers a note from Bethane, and becomes determind to find Luca. Meanwhile Vigo's plans thicken unbeknown to the rebels

A Novel Concept

Dana Roth

Although I love fantasy, I don't read a lot of it anymore. The problem, for me, is that so many of the novels out there are pulp fantasy - they have the same old plots warmed over again and again, with no original thought to them. Publishers and authors go with what's been successful before. It's not just fantasy that this happens, of course, but it still irks me. So this, of course, is a parody of a possible novel. Count the referances to other novels - there's a plentitude of them.

Deljin - Plot of Conception

Debra Turpin

More Deljin! oh loyal ones... This is the first piece of what I am considering as the intro for Book II. This begins on Gausa at the time of Deljin's birth. Tis rough, so I'd really appreciate some feedback on this one. Thanx much!

Chapter 1 - Surrender

Dawn Holliday

The book begins with a dark and dismal look into the world on the fiery side of this land.. poor ol Farrel..

Sweet Revenge-2

Tasha-Ann Torres

The second part to the story I kind of just started this year. This story is the one I've worked on the most so I hope you all like it! Please leave a comment! It would be appreciated to know if I can improve or if its good the way it is.

Symaira: Chapter ten

Sarah Kerr

Dyian approaches Diego relucatantly to help him destroy the communications tower, finally allowing them to get into the Mercury

Because I remember stories

Carrie no.

nother poem, about a lot of things, and nothing at the same time. i guess all these poems are about how much i hate the world or something, or about the world in general, yes i think thats it. :) heh. ok, well i hope you enjoy yet another horribly depressing poem, lol.

Unting Lepporian chapter 2: Plans in Blossa

Tom Shine

Here you meet Destria, one of my favourite characters. Jaygen, another prominent character, also features, and you get a glimpse of their relationship. This is sort of across the tracks, as Blossam is the mortal enemy of Keckerel. The tale ficks in between Destria and Jaygen's adventures and Keera and Orkit's adventures, but they all tie in eventually. But enough from me! Read on...

The Black Rose, Part 3 - The Library

Andrew Law

the third instalment of the Black Rose. New Characters!! Woo! lol. Enjoy!

The Lufa Journeys, part two-a

Melissa Carter

What I have of part two so far. Tell me how it is and what changes I should make or whatever suggestions or ideas you have for this story, as I'm totally lost on where to go with it. In other words, should I revamp the story or the beginning of this chapter to make it better? Umm... If you could understand that, you're a lot smarter than I am.

Raven, part 6

Karen aka Amethyst

Part six... Not much else to say about it.

The Order

Casey Bradley

this was a random idea that popped into my head during last friday when I was sick....hehe. I felt like trying to do a humoress, semi dramatic, other than the Harry Potter fanfic I've got going, lol, which is! (yes, and I appear in it!) far too often for comfort, let me assure you. (You're henious!) and proud. Anyway, enjoy, and please, comment!

Return of the Raven Prologue (The Reawakening)

Ariel Lewis

Set a thousand years before the events of the main storyline, the prologue hits on major details that may help in explaining the events of the novel. However, I am concerned as to wether it is an exciting draw for the beginning of the novel...I suppose you can be the judges of that. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE!!!

Time of the Prophecy - Part One - The Council

Andrea Smith

'Time of the Prophecy' is a short story that's a 'prequel' for my longer novel-in-progress, Prophecy of Seven Notes, and it takes place six months before the beginning of Prophecy - and 5 1/2 years after 'Dawn Comes Early'! For maximum enjoyment, you should read 'Dawn Comes Early' first. This story is divided into five parts.

Hero's Diary's Extract

Elizabeth (Blade) Duffy

A small extract extract from my story that everyone seems to like. So here it is. a cookie to the noble soul that can guess THE PLAN!