The Eye of the Sun

Danielle Fuller

like i said this is only the beginning.... I dont mean that in a george lucas way . haha.

Universal Truth

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Finally my take on the PlanetSide project. Not quite a year late...

A New Planet Part One

Sarah-Jayne Briggs

The follow-up to Sakante (I hesitate to use the word sequel because I plan more stories after this one). Kit, Retro, Nira, and the other survivors from Sakante have been frozen in stasis in part of the ship that has broken away from the main area. They land on a green and blue planet which has what look like all of the humans who died on Sakante inhabiting it, including Tash. What is this planet, and what is its purpose? Who are the rulers, and what do they want? (Please note – because this story is so long, it’s being split into two parts)

Project Earth

Christina Lovse

Millions of years ago Earth was colonized by ships from another planet called Pavoria. Contact with the colony was lost until all memory of the Pavorians was gone from Earth. Now, one little girl and a crew of five are going to visit Earth to see what's changed since the last time Pavoria checked up on the planet. (Chapters 1-3)

Gateway ch. 2

Aryeh White

Second chapter of the story. Very, very short. It just shows a little about what is going on elsewhere and forms the base of some of the later plot.

Money Planet 1

Pedestal Guy

A planet is entirely based upon the idea of currency. I like the fact that I finaly wrote it down. I especcially like the ending.

Wrath of Angels

Cameron Willis

I wrote this while lsitening to a Babylon 5 music CD. All that dramatic music convinced me to write a sci-fi story. This story is related to some other stories I'm writing, so read the whole thing, please. I've finally got the most noticable errors out, so enjoy.


Calli Davis

I started writting something like this in 3rd grade but my computer died... well I started writting it again. It says something about shapeshifters preferring human form... well, these are my speshul shapeshifters, their only link to other shapeshifters in other games or anything is that they change their shape... And my brother told me that snake people were called naga's, so I'll trust him... I thought they had a different name, but oh wel... guess not. anyways, enjoy!

In The Light of Einstein

Valerie Higgins

A poetical description of life in a human colony on the moon Ge which orbits the planet Poppins lit by a star called Einstein.

Operation Antithesis, 8

Taren Nauxen

Continued from 7. Now the dragons are explained. Finally.

Litivus V

Tiffanie Gray

A short story about far scouts and alien encounters. But more especially about communication.

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (3)

V. Lehkonen

The third chapter for the PlanetSide project I and Matt started! Well, actually it's the end of the second chapter, only finished. They were better as separate chapters. The illustration was drawn by me and here's the bigger version of the picture. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. If you find any strange uncomprehensible things, tell me! The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (1)

V. Lehkonen

This story began when Matt Summers said 'good morning' to me, and I replied with 'good evening'. That is, this is my first part of the PlanetSide project. This part of the story is mainly finished, but I might add some more detail later. Update (2004/02/04): I added some more detail and corrections. The next chapter is next to this one. Update (2004/05/05): Some MORE detail and I made Kale and Theri go deeper into the dead kid issue. Update (2004/12/13): Some serious editing, detail and... yeah. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. The Tzhagane are a telepathic, androgynous species I thought up. Originally most of them didn't have wings, but in the mountain area they live in the nature favoured the winged ones, so now most of them have wings. These tzhaganes are technologically quite advanced. Enjoy the awesome pronouns! I'm sure you can rhyme them with the plural third person. They will sound weird first but you should get used to it. For the still confused: ey = he/she eir = her/his eirs = hers/his em = her/him emself = herself/himself Please, tell me if there's anything, even tiny things, that might need correction. (I know there's one sentence that's particularly awful. I'm really taking suggestions on how to make that more readable.) The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.


Gracia Soria

A far away planet, a radioactive comet, and lots of perhaps...


Corrie Meyer

Nikki runs the research center on the planet Kodi, until she finds out she is the reseach conducted by the council...

Alien Report

Kristin Erickson

Notes from an alien observer about the planet Earth.

The Astronaut

Che Joseph Monro

A good old fashioned future. But whos?

Nithla- Prologue

Crystal Helgeson

This is just something that I'm hoping to finish, but I don't know if I will. I'm only writing the 3rd chapter now...

There Can Only Be One

Brianne Hughes

critiques more than welcome! A part of an incredibly larger tale... it's far more developped now but I still would like feedback on the rough draft(s)

The Journal Part two

Joe Arenal

This is the continuation of my sci-fi series, No Man's Land. If you want to know more, you'll just have to read...