Elements III: Fear

Sharon Black

The third part. I should probably make a clarification- Slag controls metal, and metal includes all elemental earth(stone, dirt, etc).

The Wisteria Bush

Abigail Fero

A sister not destined for humanity

The Garden

Jon Hanson

A boring man and the quote, 'curiosity killed the cat'.

More on aph

William Staples

This is a newer part of the story. I am not sure where in the time frame I want to put it, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Elements V: Meeting

Sharon Black

The fifth part of the elemental series... Finally, two of the characters meet up and we draw closer to seeing all four in one place at one time... hopefully.

Elements VI: Meeting, 2

Sharon Black

All righty, so they finally meet up and have their appropriately vague and creepy instructions. I know it's been a while, but hopefully everyone remembers what's been going on.

Elements II: Despair

Sharon Black

The second part, as promised. In case you're wondering, the elements are light, dark (part I), wind, water (part II), fire, metal (part III),plant, animal (part IV), life, death (TBA).

Dr Dawn versus Vivian

Vicky Barrett

A piece of fanciful nonesense, which has no baring whatsoever on anything other than the spur of the moment madness trip. I haven't written anymore but I could, I guess.


Nicolas Urban

A young explorer has just discovered a new planet. From orbit, she hasn't detected any clue of animal life, despite the optimal conditions. With the disappearance of her ship, two weeks after her landing, she'll discover the reason of that strange fact at the cost of her humanity. This novela touches a good number of my favourites themas : sci-fi, changes, and research of self. As for Electric Poetess, I wrote this novela not a god telling what's happening, but like a confident, living the story at the same time as the character.


Aubra Penner

This is another one that was a school assignment gone out of hand. Really, I forget what the assignment was. I think it was a third-person fantasy story about anything, but there may have been more prompts. When I turned it in and read it to the class, nearly everyone strangled me because it had never begun or ended- it was just a scene. In case you're confused, this is set in a future in which They have appeared from nowhere and wrought havoc on the populous. Sort of a futuristic medieval setting, as they weren't as technologically advanced as we are today yet. Enjoy!

PsyHauntKo 4

Norielle Cunanan

Haha! I think I got it right now! ^_^ Anyways, yeah it's chapter 4! Viewers beware! Not only does this story not make sense in some situations, but it also contains brain damage-causing content! I apologize in advance to those who will read it and suffer from tumors, but it's kinda mostly your fault for not taking the warning! Haaave fuun...

Chapter 2

Opal Parkison

Ghil and Raeglin go to see an old friend about the disappearance of Aivren...

Silvarn - 1

Rebecca Marie Kent

This story is a goofy one. Before anyone yells at me about it, let me say this - it was meant as a joke! Comedy! Not all fantasy pieces have to involve entire races dying, fighting, killing of extraordinarily evil and monstrous creatures. Okay? That aside... enjoy. :)

Death (Or Something Like It)

Ben Brannan

A story written with a dash of British humor; The main character dies in his sleep and must come to terms with this while juggling a Hate-Hate relationship with the spirit of a plant and trying to discover why he wasn't taken to Heaven OR Hell-- Just left alone on Earth.


Lydia Fleming

Alright... forgive me, if you will. This thing resulted out of reading Kafka. The narrator sounds a lot like the narrator I utilized in VOICE. I will warn you, this is meant to be interpreted. So much of it is symbolic that it might be a little scary (at least the first part). Also, I'd like to say I have nothing against people in the military. I know we need them and they're brave as heck to do what they do. My stand has always been that I just wish there wasn't a need for them to do what they do. I wish rights never needed the protection of guns. Still, all respect in the world to tough people. Thanks, and don't take this like an attack.

Elements IV: Reluctance

Sharon Black

Argh! This took forever to pare down to under 2000 words. At least it's done... Enjoy.

Ever Green


'...and they watched over me, a shield of green that willingly protected throughout the season.'   This started from a prompt about Sentient Trees, which at the time I misread as Sentient Plants.  So I melded the two, and came up with this...a sort of tribute to the only greenery I often saw growing up in a city; office plants. 

Sergeant Willem

T Bertram

Carnath interrupts a celebration for Sergeant Willem to investigate rumours that the forest itself is moving.