Niels Rasmussen

Imagine a childling changeling in school who posseses wits, charm and lots of 'ideas'.

The Water's Edge

Lindsay Lockhart

Just a little story of a little girl and a little boy with a little somethin' to say.


Talis McMullen

Another of my one-word titles. This one isn't one of my favorite, but it's alright. Again, any advice would be great.

Games On a Summer Afternoon

Shuo Chen

Innocent play, or something more sinister?

Song of the Sages

Paula Lenon

 There is a song that brings life, even to the darkest places, where mortal cannot reach. It dispels the black and raises up from the ashes those caught in the trap. It gives breath even to those who do not deserve it. But it cannot and will not force its life onto those who won't receive it. ...Will you accept it?

Dramatic Tension

Charles Clay

The characters in this story aren't connected to the 'main' story in any way. I just woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to write a fantasy story with no sword fights, wars of fate, midnight rooftop chases, or even any real danger. I suppose I wanted to prove to myself that Ennorac wasn't just a place for stories to happen, but a world that (relatively) normal people lived in on a day-to-day basis. So here is the sordid result. Let me know what you think.

While You are Sleeping....

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

~sniffles~ Now this one is just so cute. I wrote it for two reasons. 1.) I've had SO many people tell me how much they love Zan and Nathyn moments and 2.) Because i wanted to. :P Anyway, yeah.. this is a short of Zan and Nathyn being... well... all Zan and Nathyn-y. ~giggles~ So that means, as usual. you don't like guys snuggling guys, then just don't read it...

Torrent's Story

Mandi Blake

My role play character Torrent's story. This is all the stuff that has actually happened in rp with her.. excluded pieces here and there..

Arcadian Dance

S. VanDenEng

24 hours... maybe a year... in Arcadia... (Poem)

A Holographic Lovers Woe

Joshua Sinclair

One technology men dream of ( and I do mean men) is the idea of the the idea of sex free of any consequences. This theme was broached in star treks holodecks but never really got into ( and with reason) this poem is not really fan fiction but a mournful monologue of a artifice having to deal with been the ultimate in the pornographic “arts” It is meant to be preformed,( if I ever create a play for it) but like any part of a play, can be read. I don’t think of the poem itself as erotic but some people might take it so. Feel free to use it in an audition, it will certainly be original

Amaretto Gutierrez and the Semmendai of Doom: Act 1, Scene 2

Claire Robertson

I have no life so I continue to write plays in study hall.


Charity Harrell

It can be a bleak future and an unhappy one of you heavily rely on the internet--too much... This tells the story of two girls living in a future where the world uses the internet for everything.

~:Attack of the Bad Sci-Fi Plot:~

Scott Gajewski

'To boldly go where no man has gone before...'


Andrea Bodel

Sometimes what you see isn't what you get.

Toys - Scene One

Marianne Cassidy

A play. I woke up one morning after a very strange series of dreams, and sat down and worked on the first two scenes of this play for six hours straight, without eating. Needless to say, I felt slightly sick after that. I was also sick of looking at the damn thing. It was supposed to be scary, like the dreams. But by the time I was immersed in MS Word, the essence of what had made those dreams so frightening was almost gone. And until I get a few friends to attack it with their critical eyes, I dare not edit it beyond basic spelling mistakes. And so I give you: TOYS A horribly unedited play.

A Curse

Kayla Hansen

This is a play that I wrote in Creative Writing in 10th grade... It's not a story... but hey.. I like it.. it's fantasy.. it's going up. If you want to use this playwrite for any reason, please e-mail me first.

The Dark Road (act 1)

Shawn Reed

He-ey! I'm trying to write a play! I've got to admit, I'm excited at the attempt (I've never written a play before)... But I'm looking forward to working through this one. I'd appreciate any tips of the trade from knowledgeable playwrites out there. :)

The Sight I Saw (Poem)

Laura Korska

A poem about a woman who sees a fantastical creature and then spends many years of her life going back to find it again. It is short, but I did not want to make it very long because it would get boring!

Devil Went Down To Georgia


Inspired by the song of the same name. Young Johnny plays a devil for his soul. (Of course, what else do the brimstone-smelling creatures ever want?)

After Happily Ever After: A Play in One Act


This was once a story by a now ex-Elfwood writer named Frank A. Almond. It was incomplete (at the time) and I only read it up to the part where the witch was alone on the road. I was so impressed by the story, I turned it into a one act play. I added a character and changed things around a bit. Everything in the plot, including dialogue after the witch is left alone on the road, is of my own invention. I have contacted Frank A. Almond though, (thanks Eliza!) and have his blessing (whew!) to have this play posted here in my gallery. ::grins:: With all explanations said and done, enjoy the show!