A wedding

Jack Barnwell

Kael Mageborn attends the wedding of a friend, only to find himself pulled into something more siniste

The Death of Acan - 1

Matthew Donovan

This is chapter one. A young traveller wonders into a massive city. There he will find what he has been looking for, and there he will make his destiny true.

Shroud of Deception, Prologue

Steven McClellan

Well, finally I decided where in my SciFi I would like to write. So, here it is... the beginning of a long story of humanity's future. Where I shall stop, and where it shall all start... no one knows.

Symaira: Chapter Three

Sarah Kerr

Dyian comes up with a new plan for Luca, and makes a new enemy in Diego


Alan Holt

a journey's beginning---my first story EVER

The Faithful

Emilie Finn

I meant to write a nice little short story for Christmas. Instead the Brats sprang into my head, and the entire town of Traderston took the story and ran with it! The result is a fairly complex look at the Lauralian resistance movement under Arcanian rule. Set before events in The Restoration. For my Godsibs.

Flesh and Blood

Amanda Graebner

This is the story of a King who has a bankrupt kingdom. To get money he plans to sell his many daughters into slavery.

Prandoran Chronicles: Chapter 8

Keith Brooks Jr.

There is a lot of action in this chapter. I am trying to make the reader feel the tension building throughout; I hope I succeeded.

Kaeslyn - Death Stalks

Michelle Krantz

The second and third chapters, though short. It should be noted that everything appearing in the near future is a rough draft. I am refraining from editing for the sake of progress, as I am a confessed perfectionist. Otherwise, I would never be satisfied enough to post anything.

Dusk Of Innoncence: Chapter 8

Danielle Reynolds

Troubled times have beset the land of Crolis. Undead, monsters, demon, and barbaric raiders have upset the normally peaceful land. Three adventurers brought together by chance now search for the source of the trouble. As Markas, Emily, and Ian leave the The Tower of Secrets, Darklore confirms their worst fears. Note: All spells are untranslatable. Any 'foreign” languages used will be translated by footnote or in the text.

Dhamon Stagchaser, Chapter 5

Matt Jones

Part five in the story about Dhamon, a misguided youth, running from his past, and setting his future on fire :)

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 4 - Murder

Isabelle L Davis

Terrible deeds are now afoot. Dark magics are being brought to bare as death stalks the darkened corridors of Castle Aldoc.

Symaira: Chapter ten

Sarah Kerr

Dyian approaches Diego relucatantly to help him destroy the communications tower, finally allowing them to get into the Mercury

Symaira:chapter 7

Sarah Kerr

Dyian looks for Luca and Danae when cries of mutiny are heard, only to find Vigo incuring his feud with the temple publicly

Two Worlds Ch 8-2

Vicci Higginbottom

A continuation of the last chapter. This pictue Is of Jeff, he was drawn by my sister Tammy, she is so talented. please visit her site... you can get to it from my main page.

A Tail for a Tale

Joy O'Connell

(This is a branch off of my main story, Black Fur written for school.) Just another game of Lududs, a game played with scythes on a nearly frictionless floor, by beings half human half animal.

A Happy Medium

Amanda Johnson

In a land of the pure eccentricity and creativeness of the human mind, a writer finds themself in the middle of a conflict between two common character minds

The Promise of Tomorrow: Book I: Chapter III 'In Pursuit of Royalty'

Joel Meredith

This chapter introduces the story's main conflict and King Andre I and the rest of the royal family.

Into the Darkness - Chapter 9

Matthew W Stewart

Rollins learns the old adage 'the more you know, the more you realize how little you know' As well as introducing two new characters, a number of different creatures and another location, we begin to see more is at work than is evident on the surface, another pulls the strings behind the scenes. Enjoy!

GD Elegy

Christopher Keefer

Here we are, a sci-fi story extraordinaire. I started writing this with publishing in mind, then abandoned it to go onto something more interesting (to me), so this story is not likely to ever be completed - unless someone (probably several someone's) really, really wants me to. And no, I'm not going to tell you what DHOOM stands for. Hah.