Light and Dark

Cheryl Andrews

A Human-made-vampire sings a ballad about her journey, as she comes to terms with what she has become. With two sires and two fates tugging at her, one evil and one good, she had a choice and many things to overcome, but she did them all and was not alone.

Denizens of the Deep.

Clive Snowdon

A poem from an outsiders view, about Dwarves. Hack and slay, they toil away...

Shadow Torr.

Clive Snowdon

A poem I wrote after visiting Shadow Torr. Did you survive?


Collette Marette

A poem about what I think poetry is.

A Dream

Daniel Rehbehn

Here's a short little poem... nothing big.

Eternal Love

Lennart Danielsson

A poem dedicated to a female a once knew.


Delyth Williams

The elf relaying this tale is the same elf in the Haiku; she's rescuing a wizard whee

Dreams of the Innocent

Denise Ertan

It's merely a little poem I wrote on too little sleep.. but it's adorable ^,^


Delyth Williams

This is a haiku I wrote about one of my characters, an elven fighter/archer, for a contest on a site I played her at. It came joint first :o) (long story how she got to have the same name as me ;p)

The Ogre

Sam Wood

This is a humourous poem I wrote age 13, in school. It's about a horrible, stinking ugly ogre! I really like it, even if I did write it ages ago.

Fallen Angel

Kelly Hunt

I originally wrote this to go with a series of pictures I drew. The poem pretty much describes the drawings too. It's not long but I like it.

Reality Check

L. Price

A poem I wrote circa 3 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednsday. You tell me what it's about.

The Winter Queen

Helen Raine

This is just a poem I wrote at christmas last year about the winter faery who brings the snow, or perhaps she's a winter goddess? Poems aren't my thing lol, but i do like the first verse.


Evan Penn

just an old poem i had kicking around, also done in a study period...ill probably re-do it later...yeah...


Rebecca McManamon

Just a quickie poem I wrote in study hall, I think. It was awhile ago.

Fairies (Poem)

Elizabeth Wells

Well, I wrote this when I was like 12... This was before i realized that i couldn't write poetry to save my life. I discovered that a half a notebook full of terrible poetry later. To make a long story short, this is the only piece of poetry i've written that i like. So here you go.

fantacy song

michael frodesen

poem about going to another dimetion by means of a mage on the other side.(its a fantacy dimetion in case you diddent get that)

A Vampire's Lust (poem)

Mike Caravella

This is the first poem that i EVER wrote, i showed it to my friend and they loved it, so i decided to write more, and came up with some good ones that can be found at my personal library. Dedicated to my peeps at Fantasy. LU

Sapphire Winds

Julie Crowley

Another poem I did for my creative writing class. My one and only said I use too many of the same words when I write poem.. I suppose he's right..

Dear Star

Julie Crowley

A little poem I wrote when I had been away from MY dear star for way too long.