Reality Check

L. Price

A poem I wrote circa 3 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednsday. You tell me what it's about.

Misc. Poems

C. Monteath-Carr

These here are a couple of poems that I've posted here solely because Angeline Sim, who has a page on Wyverns immediately before mine (Yes, that's right, the previous artist button up the top of the home page), won't share her poems untill I share mine. So. Two things here; one first is the mandatory Angsty Teen Love Poem, the second is the only other poem of mine that I like.

Winter Garden

Iris Joyner

This is a little poem I wrote while drawing a picture for my character Talis. He's an elf that was an orphan, walked into town all covered in blood, rejected by everyone except a rich half elven woman who hands him over to a kind old lady. Later he freezes the town as well as the WHOLE 5 thousand acre countryside. The poem mainly relates to his past and the garden he owns in memory.

Two short poems

J. Meyers

A bit of dream imagery and some magic in the woods!

The Unicorns

Kathleen Siemion

 This poems tells a story about a man who gets taken to a land where the unicorns live.

Three Poems

Corinne Richards

Just some random poems, I like the first one the best.

Silvarina's Dedications Pt. 1

Cecilia Brown

This is the first part of a small poetry book that I made in my Creative writing class three years ago. It's written in Alexis's character, but it goes along the story like of the campain and not the story that I'm writing. Pretty much the dreams that the characters have in the story are events that happened in the campain. So the purpose of the poetry book now is to help you understand what happened in the origional campain/what the 'dreams' are supposed to be showing the characters.

The Warrior and the Old Man

Amber Silver

This is an updated story version. If anyone has already read it, I would appreciate knowing if this story is more effective. Thank-you. Updated: October 17th, 2003 - Stupid spelling mistakes! This is my last updated version, I swear.

Undead Love

Rasmus Boserup

A tragic vampire love.

a demon in my life

L. Price

Lately there have been a lot of demons in my life . . . it sucks, it really does. So I just wrote this thing, and I hope someone will find it okay.

An untitled poem about evil or something

Ian C. Sinclair

Well, a while ago, somebody asked me on ICQ who I was, and this is pretty much what came out. That was an unusual day. I'm not sure what possesed me to write it, but in a very complicated way, it's really responsible for my joining the Library. Maybe. Whatever.

The Cry of Liberty

Julie Gele┬┤

A Bedouin warhymn. Having fun trying to write a song. Did I so well or did I butcher it? (which I truly fear...)

Three Poems of Mine

C. Martin

Here is little bit of my poetry. I am thinking of doing more so please leave some comments.

My poems of love and life

Paul Silva

My poems of love and life


Simon Pettersson

Now here's a pretty weird experiment. I got the idea watching some musical (I forget which). I thought to myself 'why are there no musicals in literary form? There could be poems instead of songs, but the idea would be the same.' So I wrote a little 'poetrical', as my degenerate mind wishes to call it. It's basically a short-story with a few poems in the middle. Tell me what you think about it. Special thanks to Christina Feindel, a.k.a. Willow Nocturne, for reading it through and pointing out every single error I made (and I made a lot). The quality of this is thanks to you, Willow.

A dozen ways of looking at the Rose

Jennifer Rieman

a poem styled after some one from my english class, but the poems are all original.

Blood Lily

addrie dannei

A Poem I Wrote in High School to Describe how Society was Making me Feel.

Pixie's Touch

Aubra Penner

This is another 'freebie' I wrote for someone out there... I still hold copyright to these, though! The main character turned out sort of psycho, but oh well.

Darkening Nightmare

Nicolei Arnold

This is a poem. The storyline is meant to be spoken calmly. And the action line (Starting with 'I') is meant to be read contradicting to the line.

Fantasy Haikus

Rebecca Dias

I had to write some haikus for school, so I made them fantasy.