The dead poet

Vetle Lidal

This is what happens when you listen to Billy Joel and Nightwish in close session. This story is about a musican who encounters a cloaked stranger, telling him a tale of a unlucky poet, and tells him to finish a poem. Purley coincident, right?

The Poet’s Tale

Anthony HartJones

Lying in the gutter, a poet thinks about the mistakes that led him there...

Rantings of a Vampire

Jennifer Watkins

It was supposed to be a sonnet, but I didn't write enough lines for it. But I believe it is in iambic pentameter.

Peeping Fairy

Owen Hickman

this is a short poem i wrote about a good for nothing fairy that just stares at his hot ext door neighbour whilst shes sunbathing and thinks he hasn't done anything wrong..


Cathryn Faerwald

This story slipped out when I was listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers... hence the title.

A Wizard's Lab

Ri Herring

While writing one of my ill-fated short stories, and was trying to describe the home of an elven wizard, and fell to playing with the idea of what I would keep in my lab if I were an all-powerful wizard. Just lyrical fun with lots of adjectives...lots of fun to write.

Legend of the Whisper Wood, Ch.1.2

Jon Midget

The opening scene of the novel, Paladin and Fauna spending a day together at Paladin's farm, continues. I guess it's obvious now that even my more epic stories (which this one definitely is) don't have the 'smack, boom! here we go' that drive most epics.


Sean Michaels

A favourite of mine, this piece is not so much 'High Fantasy', but rather a fantastical, slightly post-modern short story. It is the tale of Will Teck: a teenager who has lost his way, and of Cyrano de Bergerac - whether imaginary or real - who seems to help Will find his way. It deals with love, literature - and - the fantastical, and is among the funnier short stories I have written, though carrying a literary punch. Despite the lack of Elves or Orcs, I hope you enjoy it - and I would welcome emails/comments about it, as I am attempting to prepare it for formal publication.

Faery Rings

E. Rogers

A short little poem...

A dozen ways of looking at the Rose

Jennifer Rieman

a poem styled after some one from my english class, but the poems are all original.

Time and Memory

Victoria Griffin

From time to time, I get especially inspired by my Muse and the words seem to flow out almost faster than I can write them down...this was the result of one of those occasions. I was fortunate enough to have it included in a small press UK publication called 'ELF Magazine' a few years ago. :)

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Kat Clements

From the scratching of a pen comes the truth...even when you may not like it...

A Real Vacation

Kathleen Quinton

Written in 2008 for a creative writing college class.

Pens and Structure

Michael King

An idea i have had for a few years. I was always meaning to get around to it.It is set on the world of Syra, on the continent Loke.

Guardian of Poets

E. Hanna

On a lighter note here's a story for Kris, Holly, Miffy, and all the lovely (and not so lovely) poets out there.

Halon's Inscription

Angela Sasser

Inspired by my fantasy epic, The Scar, and the tragic relationship between Halon and Shonqua. This also ties in with The Death Song of Shonqua.


Emily Kirsch

I thought of, first, a haunted house when writing this poem.

Das Gedicht

L. Price

'Das Gedicht' is 'The Poem' in German. (Or as I refer to it, 'THAT Poem') This one won me $300 bucks in a contest and a place in a magazine if I wanted. My mother's poetry teacher loved it and my mom is jealous cause I wrote it in one draft, and she had to labor over about five. I don't see what's so great about it. It's a villanelle and you can see the rhyming pattern clearly. (Hard to write!)

The Immortality of Song

Ri Herring

If any of you has an old hymn or song books of some kind, you'll know that all of the songs we know well (like jump-rope jingles, carols, children's rhymes, marching tunes) are extremely old. They've out-lived their original composers ten times over, and they're still going strong. This is for all those who compose beautiful music, and so gain a kind of immortality all their own.

The ballad of Shael Longstride

Meryl Ferguson

This is another poetic ballad, one I wrote about 4 years ago now. Any artist out there who gets inspired to draw after reading this piece, please do! I'd love to see an illustration for this one, it's one I haven't the courage to tackle myself :> By the way, Shael is pronounced 'shay-ell'. Shael was an RPG character of a good friend of mine.