Void not devoid of feeling (poem)

Chester Copperpot

A short poem with me trying to use a bit of empathy, on what it might like to be blind, I haven't developed it much, just keeping it short and sweet


Collette Marette

A poem about what I think poetry is.

Fairies (Poem)

Elizabeth Wells

Well, I wrote this when I was like 12... This was before i realized that i couldn't write poetry to save my life. I discovered that a half a notebook full of terrible poetry later. To make a long story short, this is the only piece of poetry i've written that i like. So here you go.

Eyes of Flame

Gabrielle Bartholomew

This is yet another poem with a draconic theme.

Dawn Greeters

Gabrielle Bartholomew

This is a short little poem I came up with when a friend asked for a peice with a dragon-ish theme.

Flight of the Golden Ones

Gabrielle Bartholomew

Ahhh, anyone detecting a trend yet in my poetry..LOL.

Untitled Song

Chris Martens

Some more cryptic writing... this time in song form. Which tends to make it even more abstract.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Three

Pete Anderson

In the aftermath of the previous day's massacre the Nordya must deal with an increasingly hostile and paranoid Li Ni'ya. It seems that the Moon and Sun have abandoned both sides, and a major theme opens...

Sunbound (poem)

Chris Martens

Understand, this isn't any work of art really, it's just something I sorta randomly typed up in about a minute without knowing what I was gonna write, and it turns out it had a theme I expanded on. I wrote some prose to accompany it: You see the bright side? Of course you do. You ARE the bright side; you're on fire, burning, cremating yourself away into nothing; but look, you are so bright, so lovely in your colorful, sanguine flames! You say, look at the bright side? Thank you, that's too bright for me; I'll let you stare into the sun and waste your eyes away. You see the bright side? Yes, of course you do; it's right in front of you; you've been staring at it all your life! what do you mean, no? You say you can see nothing??? Ah. I know what has happened now. You have stared at the sun so long that you have made yourself blind.

Merina's Lament

Désirée Dippenaar

It is their last night together. Counting the hours before her wedding the next day to a cousin she hardly knows, when she'll have to leave Theodore, the human boy she loves. She can only hope that somehow, sometime, they can be together again... but all that hope seems lost. Elves can live thousands of years. By the time her husband dies, it will be too late... I just love making Merina's life hard ;)

Wild Goose Chase

David Rookhuyzen

I've been forced on many occasions to write poetry. But it was all burned months later(or just carefully hidden). This is the one poem I deem worthy of human eyes. I wrote it in my head at work and it has stayed there for about two months until I wrote it down. Here it is, my best poetry to date.

Hunters Cry

Julie Becker

A poem..There are sometimes very good reasons for why a few people feel like they don't really fit in anywhere..(Note: I'm not really pleased with this poem..in fact..I'm hardly ever pleased with anything I write. Maybe when I am..then I'll have something really good.)

Talisman (poem)

Deanna Scott

Every fantasy beast has its corresponding shadow in the human psyche.


Dawn-Earth Maloney

This was a previous part of my bio. I thought it needed a new home ;).

Wistful Dreamdom

Dawn-Earth Maloney

don't ask... the intended will figure it out...

The Magician's Apprentice

Dawn-Earth Maloney

A short poem told from inside the head of a naughty apprentice...


Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland

Prince of Night

Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland


Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland

Opposites Attract

Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland