Catrine Sandal

Thirain is an old character of mine, central in my novel series. He is one of the villain's generals, although he frequently travels around the world without anyone knowing who he is. He is thousands of years old, one of the most powerful magicians in the world, and tend to be underrated. As you will see. This is just a small story I put together one day, it's not my best, but not my worst. Written quite a while ago, but I've never uploaded it before now. I hope it's correctly categorized - the novel series is high fantasy, so I tend to think of everything concerning it as that...

Poisoned Ones

Kathryn Gromowski

Hmm....once again, Adema was in my CD player and I a cranky mood, shall we say. This one's a tad odd. I'm not quite sure where it came from. CONTENT WARNING: This IS somewhat violent

Chapter 4: At Court

Andrew B. Moses

Hey everyone, this is the fourth chapter(and my favourite chapter so far). It introduces some new characters. Sorry for the Typo's or grammer errors but I didn't really edit this and I suppose that I will come round to it in the futur but for now enjoy...

Death Day

Amanda Ellis

I haven't updated this site for quite some time and I've started taking a writing class. This is the first composition I did for it, and I'm pretty proud of myself. It's experimental, and short (it had to be less than 500 words), but I hope you like it!

The Curse: Part I

Sarah Loch

This is the first part of a story I've had brewing in my mind for some time now. Let me know what you think. Part II to follow soon. 9/6/01 Update: I edited the story a little for ease of reading, and, if I'm really good, I may get Part II uploaded today. Soon, anyway.

Legend of the Sozuke

Samantha Peterson

Here's another legend of Lusture, this time about the famous Sozuke. Surprise, there's more than one!

Slithering Sin

Robyn Petrik

Just a few words describing the work of the devil.

A Reunion

Sara Dungavell

A new piece with Shia, Slate, and Lucy. Anyone reading this should probably read 'Memories,' 'Shia,' and for the fun of it 'Mia' first. I've changed it slightly now, I suggest you reread it.

Rowen's Kidnapping Part I

Sandra Reese

Another of my many characters is Rowen. She's a human mage that is the advisor of her clan. Her lord is a hated man by many and there are numbers that would love to hurt him but few that would dare. This is Part I of one such attempt to hurt Lord Rakknarr.

A Knight's Tale

Zyden Y'rith

I had to write a couplet poem for English four at school and well I'm a fantasy nerd so I wrote what I thought was cool. I liked it more than the poems titled 'My Truck' and 'I'm Sorry I Did You Wrong'. Yeah you can tell I'm from Mississippi.

The Murder Of Snow White: Part I

sarah tasker

I know that the original 'Snow White and Rose Red' actually didn't go like the 'Snow White' fairytale, but I decided to sort of fuse the two. Basically, it's told from Rose Red's point of veiw while investigating her litte sister's death by mysterious apple poisoning. This is only the first part, and is more like a prologue than any thing else, but here it is. I only have a few other parts written at this point, and it will probably be a few weeks...or months...before I start up with this one again. Anyway, here it is, The Murder Of Snow White.

Death by Jasmine Chapter 1: The Infirmary

Henry Bender

 part 2 of my new story. Jasmine wakes up in an infirmary and runs into an old friend...


Leah Cerveny

This story explores the dicotomy between actions and thoughts.

The Citadel

Manuel Alejandro

Maybe one day we end up like this, let's hope not...

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 3

Emma Moel

Oh my, what now? PS: The last thing Seth says is quoted from 'Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare... Ooo, you wanna keep reading now, don't ya?


Booj PillowGoblin

Urm. Ja I know the title sucks, but I REALLY coudln't think of a title. Also Garden is a spiffy song by Dir en Grey. Um, well this was in the back of my mind so i wrote it up, and it worked.

A Duel for Vengeance

Nathaniel Mich

This is another story that I wrote during 9th grade study hall. Enjoy!

The Rose

Liliana Silva

Just a little freestanding piece I wrote. A little depressing I know, but all the same...

Dream Sequence; Chapter III

Queen Carpenter


The Hills of Mallinay

Natalie Myers

use your imagination. i think it's pretty self explanitory. this is also my very first Sestina! woot! =)June 2009